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TV presenter Bahnassy suspended over sexual assault comments

June 11, 2014
Maha bahnassy an anchorwoman at Tahrir satellite channel.

Maha Bahnassy, a television presenter who recently caused an outrage after commenting on sexual assault cases during President Al-Sisi’s inaugural celebrations, was suspended from privately owned channel Tahrir.

“The people are happy, they are having fun,” commented Bahnassy during a live broadcast for Tahrir satellite channel after receiving reports of sexual assault in Tahrir square.

Bahnassy’s comments caused a widespread outrage and received criticism from women’s rights activists.

Following the incident, Tahrir channel apologized for Bahnassy’s comments and further emphasized their commitment to protecting women’s rights and raising awareness about sexual harassment.

Several cases of sexual assault were reported Sunday evening during President Al-Sisi’s inaugural celebrations in Tahrir square.

Comments (15)

  1. michael says:

    This lady suspend from the TV network is an easy way out, I think she should be prosecuted for her comments, she is as criminal as these dogs who committed that crime, any body who encourage a crime of rape is as guilty as the one committed it .
    Mocking and laughing at crimes is an offence !!!
    my opinion that lady is a bitch !!!!

    1. Aldo Cervelli says:

      Maybe someone should have fun as she say ,,,,and RAPE her …..Then we’ll see what she have to say ,,,

    2. michael says:

      I think she was jealous not to have a bit of fun herself, she must be a slut

    3. Ann Murphy says:

      Michael thanks for the comment, but I sure hope this one is a large dose of sarcasm????? :-/