44 killed in horrific crash in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh

44 killed in horrific crash in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh
Scene of the bus crash  near Sharm El-Sheikh. Credit: AMAY
Scene of the bus crash near Sharm El-Sheikh. Credit: AMAY

At least 44 people have been killed and more than 40 injured when two buses collided in Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, reported state media.

The incident, which occurred on early Friday morning, killed mainly Egyptian locals and workers. Among more than 40 people injured are nationals from Ukraine, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

According to South Sinai authorities, the collision occurred when two buses carrying visitors and local workers crashed into each other on the road to Sharm El-Sheikh.

Scene of the crashed bus (Credit: Veto Gate)
Scene of the crashed bus (Credit: Veto Gate)

Injured passengers, whose ages ranged from seven to 51, have been taken to hospitals in the area for treatment.

There remains fear that the death toll could rise as rescue workers continue to search through the wreckage of the two buses that had been carrying 80 passengers.

This is the deadliest accident since 2012, when 51 children between the ages of four to six were killed after their school bus collided with a train.

Egypt’s roads are notoriously dangerous, with at least 10,000 deaths per year as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

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  • Omar Ramzi

    Nothing will change until the police are motivated to do their jobs and that won’t happen until they are given proper salaries.

    • Bystanding Witness

      Spot on! This is why they have to rely on the “tips” as they can’t otherwise feed the hungry mouths at home … and so the circle closes and feeds itself. Where do we break it? Incentive bonus for every traffic fine all the way to the traffic dept where we have to pay? That bears the risk that fines are given without the driver committing an offense just to get the bonus! It’s a very difficult and delicate affair and balance.

  • Bystanding Witness

    I fully agree with the previous commenters. Egypt has excellent traffic laws and no interest to enforce them. As an example: there’s a law in place that forbids the use of the mobile while driving … looking at the drivers they seem to think that it is an absolute MUST to use the phone; they talk, search for numbers, light a cigarette in between, write sms’ and get the smoke in their eyes and jerk around the wheel … all while driving and endangering other drivers in the process.
    Next – for all I know there’s a law in place that a “Munaqaba” can’t drive and wearing the Niqab. I’ve had a few near hits with “Munaqabat” just because their field of vision is reduced and one told me clearly that she didn’t see me when she joined a main street!
    Worse yet are those who have to hang their arm out of the window and drive one-handed! What’s the idea other than showing to everyone that the driver is a moron? Or those men who have to comb their hair, women putting on or checking their make-up, parents disciplining the kids or who have babies and toddlers behind the wheel while driving … etc. etc.
    And I don’t even go into the issue that many professional drivers are on Bango or another drug and often go crazy on the streets!
    How much brain and common sense does it take to understand that the car is basically a weapon to kill and one should, hence, concentrate on driving, stay in the lane rather than swing around left, right and center, use the blinker and specially use the mirrors BEFORE changing direction!
    The other problem is the road network. It’s in such a deplorable state that one could sit down and cry over all the money the state spends … and a year later (or even less) the street is in the same lousy state again = best regards from the corruption!
    And so on and so forth … our government truly needs to get serious as the traffic problem could be solved within one month IF the police would strictly apply the laws and EVERBODY would be treated the same. No ‘cosa’ or ‘wasta’ or … letting the fancy cars go as the one behind the wheel is a “Pasha” or so he/she thinks.
    My condolences to the grieving families and a speedy recovery to those who are injured.

  • Lotta

    All this would be sorted if Egypt had a competent police force. I am tired of just laws being put forward then nothing changes. If the police don’t enforce them, then what is the point?

  • Sue Curtis

    The police need to crack down really hard on Egyptian drivers, and their licensing laws should all be reviewed as soon as possible! What a waste of life! Peace to their families and may they rest in peace.

  • Ikhwanii Extincticus

    Sisi HAS to GET SERIOUS about the appalling driving in EGYPT!! Most of the drivers are not qualified to drive and would never pass a test outside of Egypt! ALL drivers need to be retested and sit a proper driving exam

    • Bystanding Witness

      You’re so right!!! If only those qualified for driving the traffic problem specially in the big cities would be solved instantly.

      • Penny Messahel

        If only qualified drivers drove……the roads would be pretty empty. A sort of harsh statement, but mostly true. This accident in Sharm is absolutely horrendous.My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

  • Chan Mijaŋ Chan


  • Frøydis A Walstad

    So sad. Peace for the dead and their families. R.I.P


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