Egyptian woman gives birth outside a hospital after being denied treatment

Egyptian woman gives birth outside a hospital after being denied treatment

Egypt’s minister of health ordered on Monday the suspension of the director of a hospital in Beheira which allegedly refused to admit a patient in labour.

Minister Adel El-Adawi also suspended the doctors at the Kafr al-Dawar hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynecology department, reported state television. He referred the director and the department doctors to the administrative prosecution for investigation.

A video of a woman who gave birth to her infant outside the Kafr al-Dawar hospital went viral this week. In the video, the woman’s husband is heard saying the hospital’s doctor who examined her said she “needs a caesarian section”.

“There, she is birthing naturally,” the husband says in the video.

The patient’s family accused the hospital’s administration of negligence.

The hospital released a report on Sunday denying the family’s accusation. The hospital said the patient was examined on Oct 10 and told she might need a caesarian section due to “the large size of the embryo.” Three hours later, the hospital said, the patient began suffering from labour pain outside the door of the reception and emergency room.

The medical team asked the patient to move into the reception and emergency room to deliver the infant, the report read. It added that one of those accompanying the patient “strongly refused” to admit her into the reception and emergency room “to film her” as she delivered the infant outside.

“Nobody would prevent a patient from receiving the necessary medical treatment as claimed,” the hospital said in its report.

Adawi formed a committee of the ministry’s clinical medicine and technical inspection sectors to look into the authenticity of the family’s accusations.

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  • Abdurahman Nuri

    The pick fruit of the democratic called and with them supported regime of Al-sisi …..Death be to him as he has endorsed the outrage on the communities of Egypt!…. this has not have occurred, if it was the best sort of policy/rule that the country owe

    • Ikhwanii Extincticus

      Abdurahman Nuri *sigh* another MB terrorist with his pathetic threats to murder! What was your chant? Blood or Legitimacy! Your dear friend Morsi is finished and no amount of bombing and killing will reverse that. Your MB jihadists will NEVER be accepted by the people of Egypt. No amount of terrorizing will make us ever bow down to you salafist freaks. By the way your grammar needs some attention like Kate above.

      • Ignat

        There will be an Islamic revival in Egypt—not Ikhwan— and the anti-Islamic elements in Egypt will flee the country. Something big may start it such as a big event in Jerusalem or as Western nations lose interest as Israel’s insane actions in Palestine make it too much of a liability to support by those Western nations; the Egyptian government will also lose its financial support by Gulf nations which the US is incapable of providing. The Egyptian army itself may provide the spark for an internal Islamic revolution—as the only thing keeping them in check now is economic desperation and no where else to turn; once Egypt gets on its feet sets bye bye US policy dictates. Coptic shenanigans will end this is their day but it will be short lived any those involved in the coup who dream of a Coptic controlled Egypt will quietly leave Egypt unceremoniously and take refuge with their Western supporters as did Jews previously who exodused Egypt. The streets of Egypt initially chose an Islamists government, a sentiment which has not changed, but the orchestrators and puppeteers of Western-interests-style-serving Democracy are highly organized and sophisticated and have many operatives in key positions in the Egyptian hierarchy which has been entrenched over half a century. That’s my take on the future of Egypt; now let’s just watch it play out.

        • Ikhwanii Extincticus

          Your dream of a salafist ISIS caliphate in Egypt will NEVER happen. What is happening now is Muslims around the world are rejecting the insane salafist ideology. It’s over and will be thrown in the dustbin of history.

  • Ikhwanii Extincticus

    I’m more inclined to believe the hospital. There is no way they would want someone giving birth in the street outside knowing the public reaction if it hit the media. The mother is in niqab. We all know how fussy they are and who can attend and see her so maybe she and more likely her husband refused to allow certain doctors (Male) from attending her in an emergency. I’ve watched these niqabis in action and wouldn’t be surprised at all if she or the husband refused treatment because it wasn’t to their liking.

    • kate

      Well judging by your name and your comment you are prejudice, which nullifies your arguement. More importantly patients deserve care they are comfortable with, especially during a delivery. Too bad some Egyptians are too concerned with hating on each other rather than improving their healthcare system.

      • Ikhwanii Extincticus

        Proud of my name and proud to be against the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who are terrorizing and bombing Egypt. Obviously from your comment you are with them. That’s fine. We know that many in the West are supporting and funding the terrorism that is going on in Egypt and elsewhere. Egypt has enough to worry about without trying to please niqabis who refuse treatment and create chaos if there is a man in the vicinity or in charge of their case. Might do you some good to go sit in an Egyptian public hospital for a day and observe how they act. By the way you English grammar is appalling. Just saying.

        • Ignat

          (By the way) missing a comma (you grammar…)? …again no comma (so maybe she and her husband….).
          Your choppy style of English has a lot to be desired. No one pays a lot of attention to grammar in these forums—they just want to get the point across. By the way, many of the bombings were—are orchestrated by Israeli intelligence operatives to get Egypt to give them what they’ve been aspiring toward for decades, a buffer zone in the Sinai so that they can extend their colonization projects into Egyptian territory in the future which, for them, has become well afoot thanks to Zion boy Gen. Sisi. Egypt will eventually be under true Islamic rule. Case and point, no one ever imagined Turkey would come under an Islamist-leaning government. Its economy is booming as it sheds the influence of foriegn controlled dictators, WHICH PATHETIC SISI IS ONE.

  • R T

    That’s the story the hospital is going to cling too? They really expect us to believe the woman decided to walk out of the hospital and lay down on the filthy concrete to deliver her baby? They expect us to believe she did this just so someone could pretend to be a stranger walking up and filming the incident so they could bad mouth the hospital? No mother is going to walk outside and lay on the ground with no even a blanket to give birth on! This hospital is no negligent and disgusting! Their lies are outrageous!


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