Thugs Beat Up Monkeys, Steal Their Bananas At Alexandria Zoo

Thugs Beat Up Monkeys, Steal Their Bananas At Alexandria Zoo

Credit: Mirna El Helbawi

Horrifying scenes took place over the weekend in Alexandria as at least two thugs entered the Alexandria Zoo and beat up monkeys with sticks as dozens of zoo goers watched and laughed.

According to Mirna El Helbawi on Twitter, two men armed with sticks jumped over the monkey enclosure’s fence and beat up the helpless animals before stealing their bananas and eating them.

Most of the monkeys, El Helbawi revealed, fled to the top of the enclosure for safety. However, several others endured beating by the men as people in the crowd cheered, laughed and clapped.

Credit: Mirna El Helbawi
Credit: Mirna El Helbawi

The two men spent a considerable amount of time in the enclosure and no security at the zoo intervened. Eventually, the men left the scene un-apprehended and without suffering any consequences.

The health of the monkeys and extent of injuries is not clear.

The Alexandria zoo has been the source of controversy in recent years. Reports of animal abuse, including hitting and tight quarters, littering and more have often been in the news, but little action has ever been taken.

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  • Nicole.L

    Animal abuse should be treated seriously. Only people without compassion would do this thing to another being.

  • Bazoooz

    Why zoos making banana for the monkey! Theres lots of boor people who need to eat the food and . The monkey has no manners for eat and not to sharing with the people.

  • rebecca hillson

    omg what is wrong with these people? :’O(

  • Ramona Alf

    Close that f zoo. These humans are evil and uneducated. In fact most people are uneducated and cruel but let’s put pressure on them to minimize these horrible abuses

  • Debbie Baughman

    This is so sad poor animals.

  • DarkQueen
  • Shelley Mattocks

    Why and how was this allowed to happen?? Where were the keepers? Why were the police not called? If its not bad enough theyre being kept and made to live like this there is now so much lack of care and security that the poor imprisoned mentally and physically abused monkeys, who had no where to run or hide were beaten with sticks, their food taken from them and no one did anything to stop it but instead chose to watch and laugh!

    My friends in Egypt, I love you all to pieces but I wish that you would all stand together and shout out to the new government authorities to stop this. If no one tells them, reoports this and the other shitholes then how are they going to know??

    These 2 horrible pieces of human shit need taken to justice and they need put in a public place and whacked with sticks before being sentenced to prison. Make examples of them and make them pay!
    Sack the bloody ignorant keepers, manager and director, we can rehome these babies somewhere decent, close the fkg lot!!
    Grrrrr!! RAGING!!!!

  • DouglasL

    This is disgusting! And people were laughing and cheering? What a bunch of a-holes! They wouldn’t have done this with adult male chimpanzees or baboons. They would have been torn to shreds and I would have cheered considering their cruelty and utter stupidity!

  • Eriny (Rina) Abraham

    just ur average animal abuse on stop on one’s way home. #nbd. question is why are monkeys locked up when egyptians roam free? we should allow the more intelligent animals control. so much rather see an ape walk the streets.

  • maria laureano

    Fucking losers you’ll soon will pay for your sin for what you do to god beautiful creatures!!!!!

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  • 4 years of Egypt

    You can judge a people by how they treat the most vulnerable in society. In this case animals. The poor beat the shit out of skinny donkeys, carting huge loads down the motorway. The rich buy huge status dogs which are kept on baking balconies, untrained and un-walked, they are used for breeding too young and often die very young. It’s rare to see a dog over four or in fact outside of its cage. In the streets children are shown how to stone the dogs. The streets feature burning tires, plastic bags and all manner of shit all carried safely down a river of shit they call the Nile. Don’t get me started on the Pyramids, another feted story of horse abuse and neglect. This is not true of all Egyptian’s just the ones you meet on every street, shop or roundabout. Need I mention the driving? What a shit hole…good look educating that out of society. It’s not all bad though Cairo has a Airport which is excellent for leaving the country.

  • H. van Dierendonck

    These type of people are no humans, they probably beat their wives in the same way and have no compassion and the zoo director should be fired for letting this happen.

  • Ginger

    What kind of Zoo is this that mistreats animals? Where is the vegetation so the monkeys can be comfortable in an environment most like their own. I think this tells something about this group of people who have no regard for monkey or any living being.

  • neno

    god how i wish some people would instantly die. painfully.

  • FU

    What do you expect from a country filled with disgusting smelly muslims?

  • gerdi

    Die Kerle sollen an Ebola verrecken…

  • gerdi

    Die Kerle sollen an Ebpöa verreclem!!!!!!! sorry, ich bn so wütend

  • Rita Stevenson

    Disgusting people, I know several Eygytian here n Canada they are lovely Christians
    but that is despicable;

  • PRaye Perrin

    Id like them to choke on some dynamite sticks if theyre so hungry theyd stealnfrom and beat these poor animals. Disgusting excuses for humans. Burn in hell!

  • Guest

    am not shocked at all

  • Yana

    Disgusting !!

  • Unhiddenness

    Which ones are the monkeys again?

  • I.F.

    Retarded community. There’s no other way to describe such behaviour!

  • Marnee

    Sick breed of sub-humans and should all die. That zoo should be closed immediately.

  • Pamela Judd

    Were are the keepers,such abuse

  • Maxine Martin

    These so called men are pathetic, get a life to be proud of, it’s little men bullying again, sick and childish.

  • sunshine_bear

    People have gone crazy.

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  • Aiicha

    better bring al the animals from Egyption Zoo’s to other Country’s , they wil treat better then they do here , in Europ they been treated as a Animal get good food and nobody but nobody can Harm them.
    So el SiSi another problem u have to sold up. At the moment they not save for this Thugs guys who think they can do evrything with innocent animals who cant defent there self

  • Priya Davda

    Evil evil evil, humans are so disturbing and disgusting and why these hell zoos dint get shut down is beyond me. I will never understand these monsters who will inflict this upon defenlenceless, beautiful beings – cowardly and psychopathic. Find sanctuaries for these animals :'(

    • Questionmark

      ….this is nothing that can be called a zoo, if the news are true. Perhaps a private zoo. Sadly the name “Zoo” is not patented or certificated but soon it will. Much lies about animal cruelty are in the internet. For that, I always look for a proof. With sad animals and sad children people make money. That´s the worst face of so called humans. Bring people sad pictures of children and animals and they will become haters and donaters. I just informed the World Association of Zoos, I think, the animalls soon will be evacuated, if this all is true. What do we see on the pictures? An enclosure, two men going there and people watching. I do not see the bananas or monkey in their hands.

      • Angryone

        In reasonable zoos such people would be prosecuted, they may never again enter the zoo, will be forbidden for whole lifetime..

  • anna.

    WTF…….what kind of people are inhabiting this world, its getting worse and barbaric, have parents not taught their children any respect !!!>>>>??????

  • blue

    primitive bastards

  • Sammy

    When are Egyptians going to start behaving like civilised people and actually caring about their country?

  • Susan

    My husband says “There are few ways in life to be a bigger @$$hole than that. I agree. What real MAN beats a helpless captive animal in order to steal its food? And the people laughing and cheering should be ashamed of themselves.

    • ShakinBoots

      This is not about being a MAN. This is about being decent HUMANS.

  • Michael Aziz

    By the way 😀 this is not the 1st time this happens
    It happens all the time
    ppl throwing rocks and water on the monkeys ( at the same zoo )
    and no one ever interfered 😀

    • DragonTat2

      Sounds to me that zoo should be closed, remove the animals to protect them from the people.

    • Priya Davda

      That’s awful 🙁

  • Tatsiana Antsileuskaya

    I do not know really, for what is monkey in Egyptian zoo? Here streets are full of monkey)))

    • Ahmed Farag

      you look like one too 🙂 little sweet monkey

  • Manal El Sanadi

    All responsible for these zoos should be in jail it is corrupted and they are trading in wildlife to hell with them and as an Egyptian I must add we know humanity but these people dont

    • Aiicha

      No this people have no sense for a life of a animal, they only thing whats intrest is make fun destroi and rape , eat fuck and sleep.

  • nissy

    From my opinion from living here for 4 years, most Egyptians need to learn humanity and manner from A-Z because a lot of them have no common sense. They would feel nothing torturing and bullying animals if they feel nothing doing bad to foreigners.

  • Not Clear

    something is not clear, if they spent so much time inside how come there is no photo for them with the monkeys? From the first photo u can c that they r searching for something and ppl from up are pointing somewhere on the ground, and how come a human can jump in and out a fence that is designed to keep mokney’s inside!!! i guess this is just not the true story

  • orenmon

    This is so sad but sure situation like this can expected since some of the Egyptian I met are the most cold-hearted person you’ll ever see. Wait till you see how they treat their dogs and cats here. So inhuman!

    • Michael Aziz

      I am Egyptian and i completely agree with u :

    • Ingy El Naggar

      I am sorry you that way, but this is not tru. I am an Egyptian myself and this is not how I treat animals. I am tired and sick of people making wild assumptions about us! You don’t know us, you don’t know half the things we’ve been through! Those Egyptians that you see in those pictures come from a low class society werw poverty didn’t leave that much space for “humanity” they didn’t receive any proper education nor have they been taught any manners, further more, I don’t see how in the world can they be eligible to present us in your eyes.

      • El Capitano

        “I am tired and sick of people making wild assumptions about us!”

        I work for a wildlife reservation NGO in the Red Sea and over 90% of Egyptians are treating animals like shit. Poisoning dogs & cats killing sea turtles and other animals. If you are sick about people judging the truth about you then maybe you should start acting different to animals.

        • Ingy El Naggar

          I am not saying that What happened isn’t horrible however you don’t know anything about the shit those people have gone through. By the way, the people who treat animals like this like I’ve mentioned before come from a certain class society where humans are treated the same way as those animals and I do understand where you’re coming from, I understand that those animals have souls and that animals are better than human beings at times and that they are innocent however you don’t understand what’s going on here and you never will unless you live it. I remember I once read a book called “inferno ” by Dan Brown, in this book the author talked specifically about how an overlap of population will lead to the seven deadly sins and how it will make people start to kill and steal and do all kinds of horrible things to secure food and water to them and their families and this is what’s happening in Egypt and soon if this situation is not treated, the animals won’t be the one’s who are beated so that those thugs can steal their food it would be us, the higher class society.

      • AbdelRahman Aly

        Poverty does not justify criminal actions. Go to some of the poor places, some unfortunate people are considerably the kindest people you can encounter. You can easily find an old woman who cannot feed herself hosting feral cats and the neighbours’ kids in her 2×2 room. Manners isn’t something that the government can provide, it’s roots, origin, raising and for someone who isn’t a kid anymore, a personal choice. These are not wild accusations, as would 90% of the Egyptians who fled that god forsaken country would approve. Egypt is not a land of mercy, humour and good life anymore. Any country has good and bad, but unfortunately lately, the bad in Egypt has been outnumbering the good.

        • Ingy El Naggar

          I beg to differ, clearly sir you’ve never lived in poverty nor known it. True, there are people who are selfless and kind hearted even though they live in very hard conditions but those are few and even though you can find an old hungry woman feeding feral cats but you won’t find a mother whose kids are hungry giving what little food they have to the cats.

      • Louise

        Most Egyptians – at least 90 % as someone mention below – doesn’t care about animals and animal welfare at all. You beat them, kick them, starve them and do other horrendous things. It being dogs, cats, camels, donkeys or monkeys. I judge you harshly for this. I don’t care what you have been through and how little education you and your people have. How can this be an excuse for treating animals so bad? The way Egyptians treat their animals is an abomination and I condemn it.

        • Ingy El Naggar

          Honestly, I laughed while reading this not because I find what happened funny, not at all, but because if your comment show one thing it shows that you know nothing about Egypt. Let me enlighten you a bit, first of all animals are not the only ones who are “starved, beaten and kicked ” humans are too and all of this happens in a certain class society who unfortunately take up most of our population.

  • disgusted

    Not good 🙁
    After seeing bad press re Dolphins in Sharm I am sad too see this.
    These ‘men’ if you can call them that need beating. Take their bloody dummies away!!
    Poor animals 🙁 Where were the keepers????

  • noname

    The perpetrators should be put in a cage (at least for a week) and the monkeys in the administration, they’d do a better job.

    • Carry

      …this will not help the animals at all.

  • what the fucken fuck is that? And people are watching? They should be punished!

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  • Nink

    Stupid idiots need beating


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