Egyptian-American Activist Sentenced To Life In Prison, Muslim Brotherhood Figures To Death

Egyptian-American Activist Sentenced To Life In Prison, Muslim Brotherhood Figures To Death

Mohamed Soltan and his father Salah Soltan
Mohamed Soltan and his father Salah Soltan

The Cairo Criminal Court has sentenced Egyptian-American activist Mohamed Soltan to life in prison on charges of supporting a terrorist group and transmitting false news.

In the same trial, 14 Muslim Brotherhood figures, including Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, were sentenced to death for “inciting chaos and violence.” Thirty-six other defendant in the case known as the “Rabaa operations room” were sentenced to life in prison, many in absentia.

In relation to the death sentences, Judge Mohamed Nagi Shehata had said in the last court session that there is plenty of evidence that showed the Muslim Brotherhood figures “supplied funds and weapons” to “incite chaos.”

The death sentences of the 14 defendants must now be confirmed by the Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar. While not binding, the Mufti’s ruling is normally adopted by the courts.

400+ days of hunger strike

The Egyptian-American citizen Soltan had been on partial hunger strike for more than 430 days. In his last court appearance, he firmly held on to the microphone, delivering a firm statement in which he discussed the importance of freedom, details regarding his arrest and conditions of imprisonment and the reason he has been on hunger strike for over 400 days despite his deteriorated medical state.

Soltan is the son of leading Muslim Brotherhood preacher Salah Soltan, who was among the 14 figures sentenced to death.

“I do not have any ideological, partisan, group, or sport affiliations…I reassure you, if I had any affiliations I would have announced it and held on to it with pride regardless of circumstances,” Soltan said in his statement on March 11.

Soltan had decided not to renounce his Egyptian nationality on the basis of a decree issued by the Egyptian president that would allow for the repatriation of foreign prisoners.

“I cannot be made to choose between my nationality and my freedom,” said Soltan while sitting on a wheel-chair that read ‘unbreakable’.

Human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, had pleaded with the Egyptian government to release Soltan.

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  • Gabriel

    I am normally against the death penalty, but the chances of being able to keep Mohamed Badie in jail are very low. The likelihood that the Muslim Brotherhood will find a way through political action or through violence to free him from jail is too high.

    Mohamed Badie must be executed. It’s that simple.

    • Commander_Chico

      What did Badie do? Shoot a peaceful protester in the back? Torture someone to death?

      • Gabriel

        Badie is the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s not one of the henchman, he’s not one of the pawns. He’s the guy at the top giving the orders. All of the crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood I lay at his feet as his responsibility.

        We also need prosecution of those responsible for the Rabaa massacre. We need to not be one-sided, we need to punish all of those who initiated violence. Those who died at Rabaa were the pawns of Badie, and most of them did not deserve to die, and all of their deaths were done in a chaotic, disorganized, and illegitimate manner. I hold the leaders responsible for creating these atmospheres where violence and chaos is commonplace. We need order, and Mohamed Badie is a disruptive leader against order, one that brings injustice to Egypt.

        • Commander_Chico

          Who got killed at Rabaa? Was it the protesters or the police? What were the numbers out of each group killed? Who ordered the indiscriminate shooting?

        • tvcaldwell

          All the military generals in Turkey who were telling such lies to try to cover up for their misdeeds and justify the murder, oppression, loot and plunder of the country and throwing people into jail based on kangaroo court judgements, are now enjoying long-term sentences in jail. The military no longer has anything to do with politics of the country. They are now a very professional fighting force compared to the impotent Egyptian military which is steeped in corruption and nepotism, and does not have the capacity to even fight against irregular terrorist forces like ISIL and Al-Qaida let alone fight the Zionist enemy who have now become their friends.

          The military tyrants must be fools to think they can wipe out the Brotherhood under Sissy when none of his predecessors Mubarak, Sadat or Nasser could do it.

    • Azhar Hussain

      execution of Badie should not apply because it will cause militancy in Egypt.I think that Morsi is still elected president and his government should restore as soon. This is only way to peace in Egypt.

    • tvcaldwell

      Whether Badie is killed by the military or jailed by them does not matter. The downfall of the military tyrants is inevitable. They may have got an extension to their rule thanks to the US and the zionists but there will be an end to it.

      It was not all that long ago that people felt frustrated in Turkey and around the world that every time democracy made some progress and a party that was not aligned to the forces of the past and the military got elected, the military would overthrow the elected government and launch oppression on the people. This happened so many times. But look at Turkey now. Their military is one of the best fighting force in the Islamic world and they have no involvement whatsoever in the politics of the country. All the generals and officers who were involved in military coups have been tried in Court and given long jail sentences. Compared to that, the Egyptian military is steeped in corruption and relies on oppression and murder to stay in power. They do not have the capacity to fight irregular forces such as the terrorists in Sinai let alone the Zionist enemy who have now become their friends.

      The situation will change sooner or later in Egypt as well; and the people will wrest back power from the corrupt military, judiciary and police who are trading on the miseries of the common man.

  • Ali Baba

    he deserve it

  • Alnitek Altair

    this is ridiculous! I dont trust the cairo criminal court one bit

    • tvcaldwell

      if it was really a criminal court they would be trying Sissy and his cronies now.

  • Guest

    Apparently you missed the “partial” before “hunger strike”

  • Minymina


    It is medically impossible for someone to survive that long. I call BS.

    • nolan

      Reread article s l o w l y

      • Minymina

        The article was edited.

    • Bluepyramid777

      Makes perdect sense unless you’re not human

    • Tools

      Before you say “BS” research hunger strike. There are people that have been on strike since 2007 and more than 400 weeks. Research on the Internet is so easy, comments like this shouldn’t exist anymore.

  • Commander_Chico

    Shehata’s kangaroo court.


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