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Egyptian Journalist Calls For Protest Against The Hijab At Tahrir Square

April 14, 2015


Egyptian journalist Cherif Choubachy has called for veiled women to join a rally in Tahrir Square to take off their head-scarves.

In comments on his Facebook page, Choubachy, who was also previously involved with UNESCO, said he intended to hold the event that would be as striking as Hoda Shaarawi’s action in 1923, when she publicly removed her veil in Alexandria.

Cherif Choubachy writes that “the veil was gone for more than fifty years in Egypt, and only reappeared in the 1970s after the defeat against Israel in 1967”, because rhetoric at the time said the loss was due to people straying away from Islam and its teachings.

Aimed to be held in the first weeks of May, Choubachy said he hopes young women will remove their veils at a demonstration in Tahrir Square, the heart of the January 25 revolution that saw the ouster of strongman Hosni Mubarak after 30 years of rule.

“Men [will be] positioned around them [the women] to protect them. I will be the first of these men,” said the journalist and writer.

A senior Al-Azhar official, however, has condemned Choubachy’s statements. Abbas Shouman, the deputy to Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam, said that it would be unacceptable to ask a woman to stop wearing the hijab, adding that the comments encroach on women’s freedom of choice.

The statement comes after various Salafist groups and other Islamic bodies condemned Choubachy’s call, urging Al-Azhar and the government to prevent such a demonstration.

With issues such as gender inequality in the workplace, a sexual harassment rate of 99 percent, poverty and more, Egyptian Streets’ Chief-Editor believes it is unlikely Choubachy’s statements will be taken seriously and are merely a distraction to the real issues that impact women in Egypt.

Comments (62)

  1. Cairolive says:

    In reality most of those aren’t wearing a Hijab and should either “properly” wear it or take it off! A proper hijab wouldn’t show the contours of a woman, hence wearing pants and a top defeats the purpose and is a joke! It’s like the “Islamic swim suite” that sticks to her body when swimming! What are we becoming?

    1. Guest says:

      Bullshit the koran doesnt state what should not and should be shown. The only things the koran states is that you should if you had a request for one of muhammeds wifes you should state it through a vale which hung in their rooms. The rest is just interpretation most of it ridiculous. And the rules for wearing hijab were agreed on by some sholars. Mohammed never said a thing about it. Learn your koran before being a smart ass. You jus tknow your stuff from some guy that hold you something…. All those “muslims” here not knowing anything about their religion

    2. Cairolive says:

      WTF! Did you read the Koran in English and thought you know all or more than an Egyptian! Your story is about something totally different and it seems the only fu—-g thing your good at is a filthy mouth. Go ask the Al Azhar which is the highest Sunni Islamic authority in the world before you make an ass of yourself!!

    3. George Michael says:

      ok smart ass,
      I read the Quran both in Arabic and several interpretation in English.
      I read Sahih Al bukhari and studies the four main scholars and the tafseer.
      and the guest is right, only the wives of the prophet (PBUH)
      are only required to cover their head, the Aya is very clear.
      It is the male dominated society in your country and other Muslim country is trying to keep Muslim women under their control. Women are half the society and they should be given the choice of what they wear and what they drive and what kind of education they choose and the man they want to marry.

    4. tvcaldwell says:

      You were not reading the posts (most of them anyway) and clearly being selective with your reading. I see many posts where Muslims are saying it is up to the woman to wear or not wear the hijab and you all-knowing have interpreted the discussion to make your bigoted interpretation suggesting women are being forced to do it by male Muslims. While I admit there may be some men who try to impose it on their women, but by and large most Muslim women who wear the hijab do it of their own accord. I know of Muslim girls in the west whose fathers tell them not to wear it out of concern for their welfare but the girls insist on wearing it. So there you are! The world is not black or white.

    5. George Michael says:

      oh, and by the way they Al Azhar NEVER NEVER said that Hijab is an obligation on Muslim women, you know why because they know better than anybody that Muslim women can wear hijab but it is NOT a religious obligation, so stop using foul language you moron

    6. Jen says:

      Wrong! There are sahih hadith that state what a woman can show. And there is also an ayah in the Qur’an that says when hijab was revealed, women ripped the bottom of their dresses to cover their hair and faces. Try reading the Qur’an.

    7. George Michael says:

      I challenge you to mention the Aya that women cut their clothing to make hijab

    8. Camille Dautomne says:

      you invent a new quran !
      in the quran it is written hide your BOSOM… the word hair is not there…
      and in the haddiths it is written : a good muslim must know how to swim…

      but fake muslims like you, forbide to women to swim…
      swimming is a very heallthy sport !

      the islamic swim suit is good !

    9. Cairolive says:

      01)- You are in no position to say I’m a fake Muslim since this is only a judgment that will be made by God. You are in no position to say this too since you don’t know what’s in my heart.
      02)- As for what’s written in the Quran, do read this link or translate it. http://www.dar-alifta.org/ViewFatwa.aspx?ID=4492
      03)- I never did ask for women not to swim. But there are ways of doing it as per Islam and I will not go into details.
      You need to open your mind and learn, really learn instead of showing ignorance.

    10. Betty Eyer says:

      “what are we becoming?” Free people responsible for your own choices?

    11. Cairolive says:

      no one asked you to get involved

    12. Betty Eyer says:

      I don’t need your permission.

  2. Commander_Chico says:

    A ridiculous sideshow when there are so many other things worth protesting in Egypt, from the murder of Shaimaa, to Shehata’s kangaroo court, to the waste that is Capital City Cairo, to arresting and torturing journalists.

    This is probably a false flag protest set up by the regime to divide and conquer.

    Besides, hijabs can frame pretty faces nicely.

    1. Betty Eyer says:

      Oppression of women is neither trivial nor a false flag. And who cares whether it is pretty or not if the woman does not want to wear it?