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Egyptians Flock To Apply For ‘Liberland’ Citizenship

April 20, 2015

Earlier this week, the ‘newest country in the world’ was established, sandwiched between Serbia and Croatia.

“Liberland”, an “independent sovereign state” established by Vit Jedlicka, a Czech Republican politician and the self-appointed President of the 7 square-kilometre nation, has promised to accept citizenship requests from all across the globe.

The new ‘country’ has thus-far received more than 20,000 applications for citizenship, with more than 100,000 expected by the end of the week, said Jedlicka.

“We have the busiest immigration office in the world,” said Jedlicka, who said only up to 5,000 people would be granted ‘citizenship’.

The new nation has taken Egypt by a storm, with Liberland trending on both Facebook and Twitter the day it was featured on numerous Egyptian newspapers. According to Liberland’s website, as long as applicants are not Nazis, have not been punished for criminal events and have respect for other people regardless of race, religion, orientation and more, then they may apply for citizenship.

In fact, Liberland had been so popular when it was announced, that according to Google, it was one of the most popular websites among readers of Egyptian Streets.

Nevertheless, concerned about Egyptians being ‘scammed’, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that there is no country called Liberland, and that no nation in the world has officially recognized Liberland.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel-Atti told CBC that the project may result in Egyptians being scammed. More importantly, Egyptians may be providing sensitive information to the ‘country’, which can then lead to forgery of personal identification and other scams.

Despite the criticism, Liberland’s self-declared President maintains that he is serious about creating the new nation, where taxes will be optional and military conscription is non-existent.

Comments (39)

  1. Guido den Broeder says:

    This territory was already claimed by the sovereign state of Paraduin on March 5. The illegal Liberland flag has been removed.

    1. Nico Di Castello says:

      is this true? what is your source?

    2. Tom W. says:

      Anyone can back-date a post on a blog. That claim is unsubstantiated.

    3. Guido den Broeder says:

      Are you going to post this everywhere? The date has been recorded by both Google and Facebook.

  2. Tom W. says:

    They should set up their own LIberland in the Hala’ib Triangle or Bir Tawil. Why not?

    1. Minymina says:

      They can’t because Hala’ib Triangle is Egyptian territory.
      Better yet, why not actually help fix Egypt as opposed to starting a new nation?

    2. Tom W. says:

      Good point, but the Egypt military is back in control. I doubt they would allow that. They should allow the creation of free enterprise zones, but with the military and their cronies in control of the economy as well, that would be difficult. I don’t blame Egyptians for wanting to look for more opportunity

    3. Minymina says:

      Not exactly sure what you’re talking about. The current goverment is privatizing a lot of things and is relying on the private sector to build a new city from scratch. They also built a new Suez Canal 100% funded by Egyptians via investment bonds.

    4. Minymina says:

      Never mind that BS. do your own research regarding Egypt’s economy and the recent changes.