Former Egyptian President Morsi Sentenced to Death

Former Egyptian President Morsi Sentenced to Death


Deposed President Mohammed Morsi has been sentenced to death on charges of escaping from prison. The Court has referred the papers of Morsi and 104 others to the Grand Mufti, Egypt’s top Islamic scholar, for confirmation of the death sentences. The Court set June 2 as the date for confirmation of the final decision following the Grand Mufti’s advice.

Among the other defendants sentenced are Mohammed Badie, Khairat el-Shater and 120 others. Islamist scholar Al-Qaradawi, who is in Qatar, was also sentenced to death in absentia.

During the 2011 revolution, Egypt’s Morsi and members of the Muslim Brotherhood escaped from Wadi al-Natroun prison. Charges were brought against Morsi and other defendants for damaging and torching prison buildings, murder and attempted murder of prison guards and looting.

Morsi was also charged with espionage and communicating with foreign elements to hinder Egypt’s national security, but was not sentenced to death on this charge. Muslim Brotherhood leaders Khairat El-Shater, Mohammed El-Beltagy and 14 others were found guilty and sentenced to death for leaking state secrets on Saturday.

While Morsi has never publicly given his account of the Wadi el-Natroun prison break, the former President had made a phone call to Al-Jazeera Mubasher TV as he was being freed. In the interview, Morsi claimed that prison guards fled after they failed to regain control of the environment.

During the trial, prosecutors had called the prison break as one of Egypt’s biggest ever conspiracies, saying that hundreds of foreign elements had been involved in prison breaks across Egypt in coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood. More than 20,000 inmates escaped from Egypt’s prisons during the 18 day revolution in 2011 say prosecutors. Prosecutors also alleged that 800 Hamas and Hezbollah members had entered Egypt through Gaza to carry out three prison breaks.

Despite the allegations, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood have said local residents, and not foreign elements, had been responsible for the prison breaks.

Morsi, who was deposed on July 3 after mass protests against his government, had won Egypt’s first free democratic elections since former Hosni Mubarak was toppled in 2011.

The deposed President was sentenced in April to 20 years in maximum security prison for violence outside the Presidential Palace in December 2012.

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  • Commander_Chico

    The joke that is Egyptian “Just Us” continues. These guys are setting themselves up for a fascist dictatorship – Sisi for 30 years of tyranny.

  • ricky spanish

    this is all fucking bullshit and absurd,,any1 who would believe this must be an idiot who dont lived the outside world..;(

  • Nesma Ahmed

    EGYPT STILL DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT PERSON IN THE CHAIR…. When… In Shaa Allah… this happens the Man will not care about the money but the People as it should be. WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRYMAN ??? This is what Egyptians should ask before they Elect someone. CORPORATES and Big Money Spenders and Money Makers don’t have a Heart ! CORPORATES are not PEOPLE ! Egyptians have Hearts, They have Kids,They get Jobs, They get Sick, They Cry, They Dance, They Live, They Love, and They Die. AND THAT MATTERS ! It Matters because a Country should not be run for CORPORATE GAIN but for THE PEOPLE… THE PROUD AND BRAVE EGYPTIANS from Birth to Death…<3

  • Abdoulrahman Abdou

    okay, there’s another one with his former, what about them, probably they are free now, the guy called mubarak.

  • KatieBaby

    Keep going, don’t show these bastards any mercy.
    The Muslim Brotherhood will not survive.

    • Yara

      yeah I mean we should let dictators have their reign rather than democratic chose leaders. Just like Hitler and Netanyahu. God bless dictators and the false democracy of the US <3

      • 123xxy

        MB democratic??!! what a joke! do you really believe you can find any retarded still believing this?

    • haha

      Yes it will. You will have to come to terms with the fact that the MB will always be a part of Egypt.

  • TheDestroyer

    Hope they go through with it along.

  • ChickChcik


  • Mervat Islam

    How was this guy even allowed to run in the presidential election in the first place?

    • Commander_Chico

      There used to be some freedom in Egypt after the January 25 revolution.

  • Selma Ahamd

    Just kill him already.

  • Ahmad

    Yes, finally.
    Morsi you f**king a$$hole.

  • Ameir

    Good riddance.

  • Mohmad12

    F**k Morsi.

  • Quetzalcoatl

    Hahaha Seriously Sisi?? Wtf did Morsi do then? Was he the one who killed over 800 people during the 25th January Revolution? Was he the one who killed over thousand people after the 30 June protests? I don’t think so. The real criminals like Mubarak sre being threatend like hero’s and the one who only got bashed and never supported is being accused of some nonsense bullshit. I’m not an MB supporter but i just hate unjustice. Egypt is never going to reach something with this f*cktard Sisi.

    • Ehab

      yes he was in somehow! ..but Mubarak is innocent fuckers.

    • So you believe what ever the media tells you? Where did you get these figures? On the dispersal of the Rabba camp there were roughly 650 people killed. 65% were “armed” MB who did not leave peacefully, 15% of those killed were unidentified bodies because they were so badly tortured (and they were old, not killed the same day), and the rest were police / army. So roughly 420 MB protesters were killed. The Forensic minister at the time was the daughter of Yusef Qaradawi, who faked the death certificates.

      So lets go back to 2011. Remember the day of the Battle of the Camels? The masked men riding horses and camels had baseball bats. Did you ever buy a baseball bat in Egypt? Go ahead and try and find one! You need to think!

      • Equality and Justice

        What ? stop your stupid nazi cunt propaganda, they only found 2 rifles and one gun in Raba. Even a home owner in America would be laughing on their weapons.

        It was Anti-Morsi terrorists who were totally armed, police had weapons, police supporters had weapons, they murdered thousands of people by shooting them in head, bodies were not given to their relatives until they didn’t sign the document saying that reason for death was accident. So 650 is official figure, Actual dead were around 5000.

        Sisi is a terrorist , he and all his supporters should be killed on sight for Raba genocide.

        • 5000 killed? You are really dumb, and your language is not acceptable. Only people who get angry and talk like low level trash are the ones who can’t handle the truth.

        • You are an a$$hole, and you can just believe whatever you want. 5000 people dead. LOLOLOL. Stupid A$$hole!

          • Equality and Justice

            Yes cUUnt, Naazi terrorist Sisi killed 5000 innocent people, he should be killed along with all his terrorist supporters, he is no different from ISIS terrorists.

          • You are the Nasty CUUnt, and a liar. Probably one of the terrorists.

  • Sameh

    Morsi want to sell egypt to qatar not for egyptians for his family and his friends in the muyslm brotherhood .

    Why american all them time talk to the workd about egyptian ?
    To make the egyptian sound like a bad. thats qhy qw saaying Sisi yes.

    Because he unnerstand not like a crazy

    • haha

      Sameh, are you serious? Who accepted $12-$25 billion from Saudia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates? Was it Morsi? Stop this sensationalism. Morsi is innocent. He should be released.

      And America has to condemn your actions as America invested $1.5 billion a year on the military establishment that’s running the regime. The only people making your regime look bad are yourselves.

      • 123xxy

        You should call yourself MB not haha. Talking as you did shows how ignorant you are, and no one should waste time even reading you.

        • haha

          Ah, but you did 😉 You don’t have an intelligent response, yet you accuse me of being stupid and ignorant. Did you get an Egyptian education boy?

  • Mona Johansen

    Sorry, but has Morsi escaped from prison?

    • Yowateva

      He was in prison in 2011 when the so called “revolution” happened. He was broken out.

      • He never escaped. He even called Al Jazeera during the riot and said he’s waiting for prison authorities to come back

      • Mona Johansen

        Have been reading more now, and it seems Morsi did not go out of jail. He even called the minister of security to tell him that the doors to the jail was open. I dont think they will make this happen..

  • Saladino

    Al Sissy is a traitor putschist kafir and will be executed

    • twinkle

      God bless Sisi to hell with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and their supporters. They are U.S. puppets and traitors. The US promised to help them to power based on several agreements one of them was to give Sinai to Palestinians so Israel can have what is left of Palestine.
      On top of this Sisi has nothing to do with Mursi’s execution. What about informing yourself before making such a hideous comment

      • Ahmed

        Wait a second, The U.S. government is not with the Muslim Brotherhood anymore and they support Sisi now and say that July 30 was a revolution so please state your facts correctly. Cant u see what’s happening!!!!!!! Mubarak is now innocent after killing hundreds of Egyptians in the streets, and what did Morsi do? You are going to answer me he killed people at Itihadiya. Let me ask you a question if you are a president and hundreds or thousands of people are trying to get into the President’s Palace and trying to destroy the gate, what will you do??? Ofcourse you need to attack them!! He won’t just give them roses and flowers for Valentine! Can you tell me what are these agreements between the U.S and the MB you are talking about? Do you have any real proof of that?? If you have please state it but do not just say there are if you don’t give any proof. Give us some proof please of what ur saying!!!!!

        • Minymina

          You claim that Morsi was defending himself by attacking the protesters who stormed the Presidential Palace yet you criticize Mubarak for doing the same. I’m not going to argue the logic of killing people but I’m pointing out the fact that you’re a biased b!tch spreading BS propaganda.

          For the record, Mubarak is still serving five years in prison and the court has appealed his release for the death of protesters. Regardless whether or not he gets convicted, he’ll die in prison.

          Now please, stop spreading your sh!t and STFU.

          • Tracy

            I am a British lady working nd living in Egypt on and of since 2009…I was here end of 2011 after the revolution and listened with interest at all the comments through the Morsi elections. I adore the Egyptian people, and I see them suffering more and more as each year has passed.
            And before you assume that I am a rich foreigner sticking my nose in …you are wrong…I survive here like all working class people on an Egyptian salary and fend for myself… i am as concerned as you to see things change….may God hep you all and let’s pray for a settlement with all this Political crap…its too hard to know who or what to believe any more.

        • Nesma Ahmed

          the Obama administration paying bribes as
          large as $850,000 a year to the Morsi government that were distributed
          by top ministerial level officials to Muslim Brotherhood leaders, with
          the direct involvement of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo

          • Nesma Ahmed

            official records from the deposed
            Morsi government in Egypt, with signatures, documenting monthly “gifts”
            paid to Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt by the former prime minister
            and foreign minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani.

            The document was seized from Egyptian government offices in Cairo when the Morsi government was deposed by the military July 3.

          • haha

            Earth to Nesma! The US has been paying $1.5 billion per year to the Egyptian military and Saudi Arabia/ UAE/ Kuwait pledged $12-25 billion. That is WAY MORE than any of these figures you’re claiming.

            So what if Qatar sent money to the Egyptian government under Morsi? Egypt needed aid money then, just as it needs it now.

          • 123xxy

            So why were you complaining above about Egypt now getting billions from Saudi, UAE…., stupid !

          • haha

            If you’re going to accuse Morsi of receiving a few hundred thousand dollars and “selling Egypt to foreigners”, then you’d have to also accuse the army of receiving billions from the US and bending over backwards for these Gulf Kingdoms.

          • 123xxy

            well said Nesma! they know all of that but they can’t admit it. They don’t give a damn about Egypt, power is all they want.

        • The US government did not say that June 30th was a revolution. They have only just started to accept that Sisi is the president, and this is by John Kerry. They do so because they have no choice. You do not think that the US was ready to intervene and destroy Egypt. Look to statements of Anne Patterson, and the 2 senators dispatched by Obama to demand the release of Morsi and Shater. (McCain and Graham). They all threatened Egypt with a bloody civil war if they did not release Morsi.

          Also, before Morsi was elected, Clinton threatened Egypt if they did not call the election for Morsi. (The votes for Morsi and Shafiq were swapped, so he did not even win.) Look at Clinton’s relation to the MB. The deputy secretary of state, Hillary’s first hand assistant, Huma Abedin, her ‘mother is very close to Morsi’s wife and they run the Muslim Sisterhood together. The son of Essam Al-Heddad worked for the Clinton Foundation for special projects on Egypt. He was also a special adviser to Khairat Al-Shater, The FJP, and Morsi.

          His job at the Clinton Foundation overlapped with his job at the FJP from just after the time Mubarak stepped down until just after the time Morsi was elected. Coincidence?

      • Yara

        considering Israel voted for SISI to be a president, I don’t think Mursi is the puppet LOL


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