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Suicide Bomb Attack Targeting Luxor’s Karnak Temple Foiled

June 10, 2015
Karnak temple

A suicide bomb attack which was targeting a tourist bus near Luxor’s Karnak Temple in Upper Egypt has been foiled on Wednesday, confirmed Egypt’s Ministry of Interior.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the foiled attack involved three terrorists who were injured amid an exchange of fire. While two were captured, the third managed to escape to the entrance of the temple where he blew himself up.

Despite taking the terrorists instantly to the hospital under heavy guard, one of them died due to his severe injury.

The Ministry’s statement confirms that all tourists are unscathed, whereas three local vendors and a police officer have been injured.

The city of Luxor, a major tourist attraction in Egypt for the splendor of its ancient Egyptian monuments and temples as well as its location along the Nile, has last seen a terrorist attack in November 1997 when Islamist militants opened fire at the Deir el-Bahry archaeological site famous for the 3,400-year-old Hatshepsut Temple which lies on the Nile’s west bank. The attack which was later known as Luxor Massacre saw the death of at least 58.

Comments (18)

  1. Susan Carter says:

    Luxor is a wonderful place to visit. Don’t let these people who ever they are stop you from going to share this amazing experience in a land filled with genuinely warm people.

  2. sailor27 says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood at ‘work’ again. Time to hold Morsi responsible for this deliberate destruction of Egyptians, their culture and history.

    1. Alnitek Altair says:

      I dont like morsi and I think he was terrible president but I wouldnt go so far to say that he is responsible for this. This is just like saying Sissi is responsible for the beheadings of the 21 copts in Libya and yes there are people who are saying this!

    2. Minymina says:

      Except that Morsi is the head of the MB and this is his gang at work.

    3. Ismail Gomaa says:

      He’s not the head of the MB

    4. Ramez Magdy says:

      The millliary Intelligence is behind this attack. Like to mubarak’s times. The closer we go to the Rabaa massacre on 14. August, you’ll see more and more attacks.

    5. Minymina says:

      Why don’t you go back to Turkey and suck Erdogan’s cock.

    6. Egyptian Canadian says:

      This troll does this on every for every story, I just ignore him now. He wouldn’t dare to speak this stupid fagget garbage in Egypt anyways…