26 Egyptian Military Officers Sentenced to Prison for Planning Military Coup

26 Egyptian Military Officers Sentenced to Prison for Planning Military Coup

Credit: Asmaa Waguih/ Reuters
Credit: Asmaa Waguih/ Reuters

A military court in Egypt has sentenced 26 military officers of various ranks to prison after finding them guilty of different charges, including planning a military coup, reported BBC Arabic on Sunday.

Among the officers found guilty are four retired colonels in addition to two leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), which has been deemed a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government.

According to military sources cited by BBC, the verdict was uttered for charges including the disclosure of confidential military information, as well as joining the MB.

Egyptian Streets has been unable to verify this story independently.

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  • sa

    where can we view a copy of the actual legislation?

  • Jay Dillon

    Muslim Brotherhood are all Islamofascist scum and should be hunted down and destroyed in their lairs and burrows wherever they lie like dogs waiting to attack with their rabid evil venom and psychosis. They are the enemy of all of civilized humanity and must be wiped off the face of Mother Earth.

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  • Mekou

    I strongly believe that Muslim brotherhoods are true traitors to Egypt from the day they were established. Most of the followers are just following blindly and naively what is broadcasted publicly without looking deeply to the actual terrorists acts against Egypt.

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  • Rui Teixeira Neves


    • M.Bay


    • Master

      hahahaha LMAO

    • Minymina

      Lol Morsi and his thugs will be hanged soon.

    • Morsi donkey

      Yeah terrorist! ur just too cute!!!!!

    • Mahmoud Elguindy

      cute 🙂

    • Super Gran

      I think you are brave to write that and I despair at the comments you have received. Sisi is responsible for more deaths in the last two years thnt the MB have been since they were formed. His groupies tend to forget that.


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