CARTOON| Egypt’s Response to Terror Attacks – Loading…

CARTOON| Egypt’s Response to Terror Attacks – Loading…

Reporter: "This just in; a huge explosion has just rocked Cairo. What's your comment sir?" Military spokesman: "Loading.."
Reporter: “This just in; a huge explosion has just rocked Cairo. What’s your comment sir?”
Military spokesman: “Loading..”

In the rise of more restrictive conditions on press in Egypt, especially after the ratification of the anti-terrorism law, journalists now face more obstacles as they carry out their basic reporting duties.

The anti-terrorism law, passed on August 16, stipulates that journalists contradicting official accounts of militant attacks can be fined between EGP 200,000 (app. $US 26,000) and EGP 500,000 (app. $US 64,000). However, with slow responses to terrorist attacks such as the huge explosion that rocked Cairo on Thursday -followed by two days of utter silence and absence of official statements- journalism is likely to face more instances of paralysis.

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  • Key

    On the 1st of July 2015, international media, MB anti-Egypt media and of course Al Jazeera media network, were racing in publishing fake news and reports about the terrorism attack that took place in Sinai on 1/7/2015. The reports were already there, ready for broadcast, like these reports were prepared and written a day earlier in preparation for the terrorism attack!

    They were literaly confirming with their straight lying faces that Sinai had fallen in terrorists hands in a matter minutes while the terror attacks were occurring completely ignoring the fact that the Egyptian military were dealing with the terrorist situation.

    They were claiming fairy tale stories like parts of Sinai have fallen in the hands of ISIS and that the Armed forces causalities were more than 100. Similar to the English language foreign cartoon above, this Sinai incident gave the impression that the Egyptian armed forces were fleeing in front of terrorists and that parts of Sinai were already under terrorists control….etc, etc…the usual horsesh$# news of theirs about Egypt.

    The Armed forces were not in a position to make a statement or to provide any piece of news while the battle was going on. Once the battle was over, the military provided an official statement and a filmed report about the true events and how it unfolded in full detail on that day in Sinai.

    After these western media amateurs and liars realized that what they have been publishing about that event was nothing but big fat lies, Al Jazeera for instance mentioned that the Egyptian Armed forces have used excessive force against ISIS and other terrorists!! Now you get the act of desperation type English cartoons mocking the very same military that defeated the West’s feeble terrorist plan against Egypt.

  • Minymina

    The media has a profound impact on our understanding of everyday events. False news can be disastrous and wipe out everything we’ve achieved.

    When terrorists tried to attack the armed forces last month in Sinai, the media was reporting hundreds of dead soldiers. In reality, only 17 soldiers died and over 100 dead militants. The military was then forced to publish pictures of the dead terrorists on its Facebook page.

    Where did the media get these ridiculous numbers? Twitter!!. Journalists, who we depond on to deliver the news, used Twitter as their source of information. Releasing false news that caused our stock market to plummet and helped to spread fear amongst Egyptians all over the country.

    This law places a penalty for on journalists who report $h!t without fact checking and verifying the authenticity of their “sources.” Egyptian Streets and other media publications can b!tch as they please but this law exists so that you bastards take care when reporting the news instead of publishing complet $h!t in the hopes of being the first to publish it.

  • Atwater

    Nice artwork, But this is as funny as cancer


Amro Okacha is a graduate of the Academy of Arts' Higher Institute of Cinema (Animation Dept.). With a focus on illustrations and comics, Okacha's recent involvement in online journalism has given him the chance to invest in observing the political and social features of the Middle East. When he's not reflecting on his surroundings in drawings, Okacha likes to stay actively involved in Cairo's art community, and participate in comics workshops and exhibitions in Cairo and abroad.

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