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Discovering Al-Aqmar: One of Egypt’s First Hanging Mosques

August 28, 2015

By Rania Kamaly, Community Times Walking down El Moez Street there are so many beautiful buildings to be admired, among them being the famous Al Aqmar mosque. One of the oldest mosques in Egypt, its façade is known for its detailed stonework, while its interior welcomes all visitors with a fresh, cooling breeze. A haven for architectural enthusiasts, Al Aqmar mosque is said to have been built during the Fatimid period in 1125 AD under the regime of Al Ma’mun Al Bata’ihi, though some historians argue it was built during the caliphate of Imam Al Amir bi-Ahkami l-Lah; others still claim that it was built during the caliphate of Al Mustansir. Al Aqmar mosque is considered one of the first hanging mosques in Egyptian history and was initially built higher than street level, above a shopping area and souk. However, as the ground kept rising, the shops were eventually buried and the mosque now appears to be at street level. The mosque is an important landmark in Cairo’s architectural scene, as it is the first mosque to be designed with an entrance parallel to the street and adjusted to align…

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