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Salwa Mehrez Released Three Days After Misspelling Caused Delay

September 27, 2015
Policemen and people walk in front of the main gate of Tora prison in Cairo. PHOTO: Reuters

Three days after being pardoned, activist Salwa Mehrez was released from prison Saturday evening.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi granted a pardon to 100 people including Mehrez on Wednesday.

Yet, she was not released with her cell mates last week, because her name was wrongly spelled on the official list of those pardoned.

The delay and the reason behind it has outraged many, who were vocal about it on social media.

Mehrez, who studied engineering, was arrested in June 2014 among others who were protesting against the protest law.

She was tried and convicted for violating the same draconian law she was protesting against.

Mehrez is known for her active role in providing assistance to injured protesters in the past.

The pardons have re-ignited calls to release others who have been “unjustly” imprisoned.

On Friday, Freedom for the Brave, an initiative that advocates for the release of detainees, said “thousands are spending Eid inside prison. Freedom is a right to all.”

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