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The Unconventional Career Path of an Egyptian Facebook Satirist

September 30, 2015

Social media has become an integral part in the daily proceedings of people around the world. Through posting status updates on Facebook, expressing oneself on Twitter or sending short lived photos on Snapchat, its impact has revolutionized how people view the world. In Egypt, this has become an increasingly evident and modern phenomenon. As a result, we have been introduced to a multitude of perceptions and personas. One of those is being “internet famous”. It has become an unexpected but refreshing source for people to showcase their creativity while sustaining an income as a result of it. In a country with rigid social and economic stipulations on what an acceptable job is, this is quite new. This is perhaps what Abdoulrahman Ihab Ibrahim, or as he is commonly called Abdoul, is: internet famous. If you’re Egyptian, chances are you have stumbled upon Abdoul’s videos on your Facebook timeline at least once. With his long hair, striking beard and distinguished voice, he is hard to miss. From complaining about Fifty Shades of Grey to his satirical ridicule of Egyptian culture, Abdoul seems to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. All…

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