23-Year-Old Shot Dead by a Judge in Naser City, Cairo

23-Year-Old Shot Dead by a Judge in Naser City, Cairo

Mo’men Saad Agha, a 23-year-old young man, was shot dead on Tuesday by a judge in Naser City, Cairo when he tried to defend his fiancé.

The incident happened when Possy, Agha’s fiancé, was leaving a building after visiting a family friend in Naser City. A judge stopped her on the street to ask about who she was visiting in the building and why.

The judge kept investigating her; she refused to answer any of his questions for having no legal authority. Also, he wrongfully accused her of robbery, according to El Shorouk.

Possy refused to answer the questions and called her fiancé to come pick her up.

When Agha arrived, he engaged in an argument with the judge, who eventually pulled out his gun and shot Agha dead.

The judge reportedly turned himself to the police; he is to be referred to the general prosecutor.

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