Shubra District Head Suspended After Deadly House Collapse

Shubra District Head Suspended After Deadly House Collapse

Collapsed house in Shubra. Photo credit: Egyptian Gazette

Cairo governor Khaled Abdul Aal suspended head of Shubra district Hany Ahmed Youssef on Saturday for neglecting the collapse of a residential house which left two people dead and two injured.

According,  Abdul Aal arranged for a housing facility to host those who were affected by the collapse. The governor also allocated a monetary budget to cover  the families’ daily expenses.

The increasing collapse of buildings sheds light on Egypt’s urban planning problems such as infrastructure faults, building regulation breaches, and illegal extensions. At least 400 areas in Egypt are illegally constructed hosting a population of more than seven million people.

In April, the collapse of a building in Alexandria left three people dead and three injured. The reason behind the collapse was poor infrastructure. The governorate has previously ordered the deconstruction of the sixth and seventh floors of several buildings as well as the evacuation and renovation of the now collapsed building.

However, the Egyptian Parliament has been taking measures to counter this problem. The parliament requested an amendment to the No. 119 law in a meeting that was held on July 18, 2016. The law imposes fines, an increase in utility fees, and prison sentence for those who breach the building regulations.

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