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Stormy Lebanon Protests Triggered by Tax Decisions and Austerity Measures

October 18, 2019

A series of violent protests have erupted across Lebanon’s capital as part of nation-wide demonstrations against increasing austerity measures, corruption and an ailing economy. The protests started early on Thursday, following the government’s decision to charge 20 cents per day for voice over internet protocol use (VOIP) in WhatsApp. VOIP is a feature extant in various applications, including Facebook, and WhatsApp, which enables users to make free phone calls as long as their devices are connected to standard internet. It is considered a cheaper alternative to hefty phone calls in some countries. Government plans also included gradual increase to the value-added tax as well as modified tobacco and gasoline prices. The decision sparked anger across Lebanon, with photos and video footage of protesters setting fire to tyres, garbage bins, shops and blocked roads spread through social media channels. The protests in Lebanon may be sparked by the proposed tax on Whats App, but it is a culmination of a shortage of bread, fuel, basic goods & services, and comes a week after the worst wildfires in decades. I sure do hope, people put politics & religion aside & demand dignity….

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