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27 Unnoticed Beautiful Moments Captured in Egypt

October 21, 2019
A man deep in his prayer.
A man deep in his prayer.

Everyday, we walk past people we do not know: the butcher at the market, the young man carrying freshly baked bread, the young children playing in a narrow alleyway, the old man enjoying a shisha and black coffee and the mother making a living for her family.

While many of us are often focused on our destination, it is often important to stop and observe the colorful life that occurs around us. For, in such observation, one can often find truly simple, yet beautiful, moments.

Here are 27 photographs and their captions by Photito Travel capturing some of these moments on Cairene streets.

1. Hot tea on a chilly desert night


A Bedouin prepares a camp fire with which he will make a pot of tea. A welcomed warm drink on a chilly desert night.

2. History in the background


For many of us the great pyramids at Giza are one of the wonders of the world. A magical site that conjures sentiments of a romantic past. For others however, they are part of the scenery always present whilst they go about their daily routine.

3. The spirit of the Sphinx


A camel guide interrupts his work in order to pray on the ancient tombs. The Sphinx towers in the background.

4. The concrete jungle


View of Cairo as seen from the Al-Azhar park.

5. Finding peace in a Mosque


The Al-Azhar Mosque is a haven of peace and quiet, where many faithful come. Not just to pray, but also to escape the busy streets outside.

6. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of Cairo


Young man studies the Koran in the calmness of the Al-Azhar mosque.

7. A night out at Al-Azhar Park


Local women take a breather from the intense noise and smog of this huge polluted city.

8. Finding serenity in Al-Azhar Gardens


Young Cairenes relaxing in the Al-Azhar park at sundown. The city of Cairo in the background.

9. Like Father Like Son


Family praying inside the Mohammed Ali Mosque.

10. Heritage runs deep


Young camel herder at the Birqash camel market outside Cairo.

11. Silent Pain


A camel merchant trying to guide a camel back to its enclosure.

12. The girl next door


This little girl, like many other Cairo inhabitants, lives in poverty. Her house is located wall to wall with one of Cairo’s finest mosques, the Mohammed Ali. Thousands of people walk past her front door every day, most indifferent to her predicament.

13. Juggling at its finest


Boy wearing eye liner just like the ancient Pharaohs. He is carrying freshly baked bread from the bakery to the local shops. Khan al-Khalili market.

14. Your local butcher


Butcher in a street market behind the Al-Azhar mosque in Islamic Cairo.

15.  Grease, Sweat and hard work

Street scene behind the Al-Azhar Mosque Cairo.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Egypt, 2010.

Street scene behind the Al-Azhar Mosque Cairo.

16. Finding refuge in Khalili


Man entering a mosque in the Khan al-Khalili market to escape noise and heat.

17.  Smoky nights become rituals

_DSC2481-LMen smoking shisha (water pipe) in Islamic Cairo.

18. A sight familiar to every corner


Man smoking shisha outside an ahwa in the Darb-al-Ahmar residential district.

19. The start of everyday


The Khan al-Khalili market wakes up to another day of trading, just like it has done for centuries.

20. fire in the night


Street performer in central Cairo.

21.The middle child is always the rebellious one

_DSC4178-LA street scene of three siblings, two of which are embracing.

22. Appearances control us all

_DSC4166-LStreet scene of a man combing his hair.

23.  A warrior


A local girl with a piercing gaze.

24. Drenched in history


Although Cairo is in many ways a modern metropolis it still maintains its traditions of old.

25. Tradition meets Modernity


Birqash camel market.

26. Young love


Couple relaxing inside the Mohammed Ali Mosque.

27. A thousand emotions


Local man at a street market in central Cairo.

This article was originally published June 20, 2014.

Comments (19)

  1. Susan says:

    Thank you for a peek into the life of everyday Cairo. I want to knit a cap like the man who is soldering is wearing!

    1. Sherif says:

      This is not everyday, most is touristic, and there is much more, but it seems to me the most of the pictures were taken in the same places, they didn’t even bother to go some place different.

    2. Bystanding Witness says:

      Sherif, you either don’t live in Cairo or you walk around with blinders – sorry to say so. Shabramont or Al-Azhar mosque study rooms are not really touristic “attractions” neither is Shobra el Khaima.

  2. Aya A.R says:

    Anddd the point of these pictures is ? I mean don’t get me wrong, you sure must have worked hard on them but seriously whats the point? Nothing unique or special or even remotely interesting in them.

    1. Mónika Horváth says:

      Dear Aya, maybe nothing interesting for you but very interesting for me. I live in Europe and the peace of these pictures are enchanting me. 🙂

    2. Safey Eldin Khairy says:

      I really like the pictures, and I can appreciate the poetry behind each one. Yes unfortunately it is true and ironic that sometimes you can not see the beauty when you are too close, you have to go further to see it. Nice job!