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On Sex, Rage, Feminism and Islam: A Piece of Irish-Egyptian Poet Salma El Wardany’s Mind

January 2, 2020
Irish-Egyptian writer, poet and spoken word artist Salma El Wardany (photo: Alexander Crawley)

Salma El-Wardany is a chameleon of clashing identities: a fierce feminist, a sexual liberator, a devout Muslim, an astute businesswoman, and an incorruptible leftist idealist. El-Wardany is a modern-day polymath with a political agenda, in layman’s terms, she is a published author, poet, spoken word artist, and BBC radio presenter, but in the interest of brevity, let’s just go with her own self-identifier: another shouty woman. Born in Egypt and raised in England by an Irish mother and a Pakistani stepfather, El-Wardany falls at the intersection of many identities and struggles. When she is not screaming her lungs out, El-Wardany slams her feelings onto a keyboard and lets them take written form, one Instagram post at a time. In a world where social media amplifies our voices and innermost thoughts, El-Wardany’s platform is a complex visual rhetoric of contemporary womanhood and identity politics—from bawdy zingers and scathing commentary on male fragility and toxic masculinity, all the way to sex positive messages and sublime, heart-wrenching poetry dealing with modern love. View this post on Instagram   Taking up space isn’t easy. … There have been too many years of always looking…

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