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Traveling to the UAE? Visit Al Ain, Not Dubai

January 6, 2020

To get a real insight into Arabia’s history and wonders, Al Ain is a place that cannot be overlooked. Covered by the shade of thousands of  palm trees, with the colour of the green leaves contrasting the yellow-brown sands and the oasis’ blue waters, this magnificent city stands as the perfect getaway for the holidays. There is a sense of peace and quiet all around. No tall skyscrapers, no Burj Khalifa, no Ferrari World – only the soothing sounds of nature. It is hard to imagine that next to the liveliness and extravagance of a city such as Dubai could be a little silent retreat in a dreamy oasis holding the heart of Arabia. Known as the ‘Garden City’, what makes this place so special is its strong connection to the past, which will not only allow you to discover the gems of its culture and history, but also to see the region in an entirely new light. History Situated at the crossroads between the ancient lands of the Arabian Peninsula and Mesopotamia, Al Ain is considered to be one of the world’s oldest inhabited settlements, with a nearly 8,000-year-old…

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