New ‘Political Generation’: 8 Photos of Generation Z Leading Protests Around the World

New ‘Political Generation’: 8 Photos of Generation Z Leading Protests Around the World

Photo: Flickr user Lorie Shaull]

From the Global Climate Strike to the Black Lives Matter movement, Generation Z have been the main driving force behind recent global protests. Born in the late 1990s, and raised in the age of terrorism, uncertainty, and social media, Gen Z are organising demonstrations through social media and becoming the leaders of several movements around the world.

In an article by Forbes, ‘Gen Z Leads The Black Lives Matter Movement, On And Off Social Media‘, it was mentioned that the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter had more than 8 million tweets, owing it to a new social media generation – Gen Z – which uses platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Twitter to spread their messages and thoughts across through various ways.

With more access to live coverage of political events around the world, social media has become more than just a hashtag or a Facebook group. It is becoming much more complex, creating a new public sphere where young people actively look for sources, organizations, petitions and videos to explain to them several political issues.

“Youth are organising. They’re not just getting up and saying this looks like fun today. They’re actually organising. They are organising in homes and on Zoom [and then] moving it to the streets,” Danielle Brown, a state co-ordinator for the Black Voters Matters Fund, told the Financial Times.

Here are 8 inspiring photos showing the new generation in protest around the world, fighting for change.

DW/C Bleikar
Credit: DW/C Bleikar
Credit: DW/C Bleikar
Credit: @slaviccaesar
Credit: DW/C Bleikar
Credit: DW/C Bleikar

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