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New Protection Mechanism Needed for Victims of Rape in Egypt: Nehad Aboul Komsan

July 22, 2020

After two years of long investigations and trials, three men who had kidnapped and raped Farha in 2018, a young 17-year old woman in the village of Qena known as ‘Farshout Girl’, have recently been given the death sentence on Tuesday, July 21st. Yet new facts in the case reveal the importance of developing new protection mechanisms for victims. According to a statement by the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights, Farha spent a night in the police station  despite the recent judicial ruling. The girl also sent a pleading message through press asking security authorities to protect her, as the families of the three defendants continue to send her threats and track the whereabouts of her family. Senior lawyer Nehad Abouk Komsan and chairwoman of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights stresses the need for a legal mechanism to protect victims. “We need units committed to fighting violence against women in police stations, and centers to provide support and protection for women from any acts of revenge by the families of the accused,” she says. The center also called on security authorities to help Farha to return back to society…

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