5 Ways You Can Help Lebanon After Beirut Explosion

5 Ways You Can Help Lebanon After Beirut Explosion

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Several countries around the world have pledged assistance to Lebanon after the tragic Beirut explosion, which killed at least 154 people and injured thousands, and left a swath of destruction and a terribly weakened economy.

Egypt was one of the first countries to open an air bridge to send urgent medical aid, as announced by the Egyptian ambassador to Lebanon a day after the explosion. Egypt also sent medical teams and opened the Egyptian field hospital to help treat the injured.

For those looking for ways to also help, here are 5 ways you can help:

Lebanese Red Cross

You can make a quick small donation here to the Lebanese Red Cross, which is currently the main provider of ambulance services in Lebanon, and provides relief to victims of natural and human disasters.

Impact Lebanon

This nonprofit recently launched a fundraiser to provide relief to those that were affected by the tragic incident. They mobilise these funds and resources to help support other NGOs, and one important criteria for receiving the funds is that they are apolitical and non-sectarian. You can donate here.

Lebanese International Finance Executives

This is a worldwide membership organisation, which is also non-political and non-religious, and will make sure that all funds will go to the selected NGOs and are allocated to the most pressing issues: shelter, food, medication/medical Support, rehabilitation and environment. Donate here.

Beit El Baraka

Beit El Baraka is dedicated to supporting Lebanon’s retired and elderly through free food, medical support and decent housing. You can help support them here.

Saint George Hospital

The Saint George Hospital University Medical Center has been serving the Lebanese people for more than 150 years.  The recent explosion turned the 400-bed hospital into a field hospital providing urgent care to the injured. They current need urgent donation to support them in continuing their efforts to provide healthcare services. Support them here.

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