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Lebanese Cabinet Resigns After Mounting Pressure

August 10, 2020

After pressure in the aftermath of the devastating blast in Beirut killing at least 160 people and injuring around 6000, the Lebanese cabinet has officially resigned on Monday, 10 August, 2020. Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan informed the press of the resignation after a cabinet meeting on the same day. Hassan also stated that Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab would be handing in the resignation on behalf of the ministers at the presidential palace. The cabinet, which was formed in January of this year, met on Monday, 10 August, with many ministers in attendance intending to resign. Anti-government protests have been taking place over the past days with protesters storming a number of ministries, demanding the resignation of the government. The blast came as a last straw to the struggling people of Lebanon amid a financial crisis, political discord and turmoil, and a rising number of coronavirus cases. The blast, which took place on 4 August at Beirut Port and inflicted wide-spread damage on the city, is said to have been caused by a fire that ignited a massive stockpile of over 2000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive…

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