6 Homegrown Cosmetics Brands Redefining Egyptian Beauty

6 Homegrown Cosmetics Brands Redefining Egyptian Beauty

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the 21st century, where beauty is blasted from mobile screens and billboards and beauty standards are being redefined on a weekly basis, it is easy to forget where beauty emanates and understand it beyond mere aesthetics.

In Egypt, where economic hardship and a depleted currency are making imported beauty products inaccessible to many, local entrepreneurs and beauty gurus are stepping in to fill the void with cosmetics that are sustainably sourced, safe, ethically formulated and most importantly, accessible to most Egyptians.

Base Beauty

An Egyptian Glossier in the making, Base Beauty crafts all natural makeup that is both highly pigmented and gentle on the skin. Suitable for most skin types, the brand’s products are limited in range, but pack quite the punch with their lip and cheek tints, highlighters and concealers.

Formulated by a clinical pharmacist, according to the brand’s instagram page, the products are largely safe. The only drawback, however, is the limited shade range.

Caroline Beauty

One of the more popular up-and-coming Egyptian makeup brands, Caroline Beauty is quickly making a name for itself as a serious local contender. With celebrity endorsements from Radwa El Sherbiny, the brand is also slowly but surely making its way into the mainstream.

In addition to the brand’s wide foundation and lipstick shade ranges, Caroline Beauty also offers a custom lipstick service that allows customers to formulate their own lipstick shades and flavors.

Noon Cosmetics

This wholesome new brand is equal parts spirituality and fabulosity. Noon Cosmetics rely on aromatherapy and pranic healing, manufacturing their products right before the full moon and using holistic and spiritual techniques to rid them of negative energy.

But Noon Cosmetics has more than pseudoscience going for it, earning rave reviews for its body butter range, organismically scented shower gels, innovative cream deodorant and surprisingly effective eye oil.



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Dry hair has nothing on this 👆

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Boasting Egypt’s only booty duo (mask and oil) and quickly becoming one of the few brand voices to publicly support Egypt’s nascent #MeToo movement, Braes embodies all things millennial.

The millennial pink-themed brand offers a wide range of hair and skincare products formulated for all textures and complexions, as well as a range of stain sleep accessories, such as pillow cases and sleep bonnets, which are believed to be gentler on skin and hair than cotton.


An Egyptian Lush in the making, the aptly-named Joviality is fast becoming a friendly and familiar brand to the nation’s beauty conscious denizens. Formulated sans toxins and parabens, the self-proclaimed 100 percent natural brand offers effective and viable alternatives to clean beauty enthusiasts.

With an extensive range of body butters, lotions, a haircare line and a popular eyebrow serum, Joviality is sure to make its way to any beauty enthusiast’s routine.


One of the more well-known Egyptian makeup brands, Essentials is a family-run business producing quality products, formulated from ethically sourced and safe material, in accordance with Egyptian and European safety standards.

Despite the brand’s relatively limited product range, Essentials keeps beauty devotees coming back for more with their ever-expanding lip paints, eye tints and skincare collection.

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