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Egyptian Startup AIM Technologies is Reshaping Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

December 9, 2020

With businesses around the world having to adapt quickly to changing consumer behaviour as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Egyptian startup AIM Technologies has managed to capitalise on the renewed importance of online and digital tools.

“COVID-19 created some uncertainty at the beginning where big corporates were clueless about the future of their businesses and hence their budgets, hence hesitant to invest in new tools. This was the spontaneous reaction of most corporates and brands on a global level, which made closing deals slower for the first few months,” said John Saad, CEO of AIM Technologies, to Egyptian Streets when asked about what COVID-19 has meant for the 19-month-old startup.

“However things flipped around later when everyone realized the importance of shifting to the online world. We can safely say that COVID-19 has had a good impact on our business because most brands took serious steps to digitalize their plans and move to a stronger online presence and so did the customers”.

Founded in 2019, AIM Technologies is a startup fully operating in Egypt which helps businesses to better understand their customers using artificial intelligence.

“Our primary product is AIM Insights: a state-of-the-art social media listening, multi-lingual, real time text analytics platform. AIM Insights allows our clients to monitor, track and analyse the different engagement reactions and conversations on social media about the brand, competitors, product, public figures and more,” explained Mohamed Moaz, Founder and COO of AIM Technologies.

“The platform also looks beyond the numbers as it analyses the sentiment, intent and reasons behind the feedback. This helps brands understand how people genuinely feel about them versus competition”.

The success of the startup in less than two years is apparent in the line-up of its clients, which range from Vodafone, Mindshare, OMD, JWT and Nielsen to the Talaat Mostafa Group, Pepsi, Shell, McDonald’s and more.

While these are all big names in the business industry, Saad told Egyptian Streets that AIM Technologies offers solutions for all companies.

“When we started, we offered business solutions and insights to the big corporations. Then moving forward we wanted to reach a wider segment of customers and offer our services to all companies regardless of their size and have tools that would also help and support SMEs, influencers and celebrities,” explained Saad.

“We are not confined to serve a certain segment, our goal is to have solutions for any company out there in the market to take strategic decisions and clear their paths based on actual customers’ feedback in the most time and cost efficient manner.”

AIM Technologies’ ability to cater to different needs and markets is as a result of its founders’ past experiences said Saad.

“The founders have more than 15 years of experience each in leadership roles across Egypt, MENA, and Europe in the fields of artificial intelligence, technology, marketing, research and digital. Coming from different backgrounds, all founders have a vision to lead the AI business in the region and redefine the insights and knowledge mining industry across the region,” said Saad.

“The founders got started because they shared the same passion of intending to create tools to cover the gap of the understanding the Arabic language in previously available tools globally. We all wanted to provide rich insights that are both fast and accurate to revolutionize the data gathering and provide deeper analysis in the entire region through AIM insights and AIM research tools. We want to convey the customers’ voice to brands converting it to quantitative numbers and actionable figures that support our clients,” added Saad when asked why the founders, who include former CEOs, academic experts and technology enthusiasts got together to found AIM Technologies.

This past experience has been important in AIM Technologies’ growth since its launch, and its ability to offer solutions to businesses looking to revamp their presence as a result of COVID-19.

“In such a short time we managed to launch our tools and work on enhancing it every single day. Given the nature of the products and the increasing demand on our online tools, the rate of acceleration, adoption and progress has been unprecedented,” said Saad to Egyptian Streets.

“The journey so far feels more like a rollercoaster ride since we are defining our own path and working with a very fast pace. Our north star since we started is to create actionable insights from the amount of data available on social media, which makes our job more challenging yet thrilling. We have so much passion for what we do so and we are enjoying the ride so far.”

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