The 10 Best Places in Cairo to Work or Study For Finals

The 10 Best Places in Cairo to Work or Study For Finals

Click on the location name above for more info! Illustration by Noran Morsi.

Finals week is upon us, and high school and college students are scrambling to prepare for their exams and finish their term papers. This semester is different though, with their campuses being semi-online and work being “from home”, some find it hard to focus from the comfort of home. Egyptian Streets has compiled a list of the best places to get work done outside of the house.

1. WorkYard Coworking Space, Mohandessin


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For our often neglected Mohandessin dwellers and everyone around the Giza area, WorkYard is a dedicated space for working, with comfortable home-y seating. Everyone around you will be working, so you’ll be motivated to work as well!

2. 30 North Coffee, Zamalek



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In the heart of Zamalek in ICONIA, 30 North Coffee will serve you both freshly brewed coffee and provide you with a calm space to work. The location is also a courtyard, providing an outdoor space which can be necessary in COVID times so that you can work safely. Our own Amina Zaineldine recommends 30 North for the beautiful view of the sky and the architecture of the building above the courtyard.

The inside of the 30 North building. Photo by Amina Zaineldine.

3. Cake Cafe, Zamalek


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For a more intimate and quiet work experience, Cake Cafe offers delicious desserts and sandwiches in a charming part of Zamalek. When you finish your work, you get to treat yourself to a walk around the area – satisfaction guaranteed.

4. Beano’s Cafe, Maadi


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Beano’s Cafe is a classic, with branches all around the country, but our readers specifically recommend the Maadi branches for the best Wi-Fi and atmosphere with large spaces and outdoor options.

5. Kotob Khan, Maadi


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Kotob Khan is another inner Maadi secret where you’ll often find performances, but on the quiet days, this is a great spot to get those assignments done. If you find yourself getting inspired by book signings and live music, this could be your place.

6. Sufi Bookstore, Zamalek

For the Zamalek book lovers, this is a great place for you to work in some quiet and a lesser popular spot. Just make sure you’re not one to be distracted by books, because they are all around you.

7. MQR Spaces– New Cairo, Heliopolis & Downtown


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Having been one of Cairo’s first co-working spaces, MQR Spaces (previously known as Al Maqqar) has three locations around Cairo from Downtown, Heliopolis to New Cairo. Its large spaces house startups and university students with a shared mission; getting work done.

8. The Bunker, Heliopolis


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If you’re around the Heliopolis area, The Bunker is a specialized place for you students, freelancers and “workaholics” according to their social media. Our readers enjoy its quiet, outdoor and indoor options and Wi-Fi. While they say its coffee is only okay, it’s open till later in the night, and its design is easy on the eyes.

9. Coffee Lab Concord Plaza, New Cairo


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Perhaps a lesser known New Cairo joint, we’re almost scared to tell you about Coffee Lab at Concord Plaza so that it doesn’t get too crowded. There are always enough charger plugs, a quiet atmosphere and delicious specialty coffee to get you through finals week in one piece.

10. Espresso Lab, New Cairo



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Espresso Lab is not an unknown name for university students, with their branches all over Cairo being flooded with college students daily. For our New Cairo readers, the Point 90 Mall Espresso Lab branch is your go-to for finals season. If you enjoy your cold brew and working alongside like-minded students, Espresso Lab is your place.

Honorable Mentions:

These options didn’t make our list, but are still great places to go get work done.

Others have recommended Paul El Mohandessin, the Wi-fi in Dishes in Maadi and Costa Coffee, Heliopolis’s Il Mulino, Fifth Street Coffee, Ovio in Maadi, Tivoli Dome’s Caribou and Maadi’s Clubhouse.

Thank you to our readers for helping curate this list.

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