You Can Now Track Egypt’s Progress Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Through This Website

You Can Now Track Egypt’s Progress Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Through This Website

As all countries around the world embark on a decade of action until 2030 to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, local action and global impact have become increasingly intertwined; one local success can push the rest of the planet one step closer to a better, more sustainable world.

To bridge local success stories with global audiences, Egypt’s Ministry of International Cooperation launched a new interactive website that helps you track and visualize Egypt’s ODA SDG-aligned development story; the first of its kind that tracks Egypt’s development according to the global sustainable development goals.

To close off a tumultuous year, Minister Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat stated during the launch of the 2020 Annual Report, titled ‘International Partnerships for Sustainable Development,’ that the COVID-19 pandemic has not derailed the Ministry’s efforts to continue achieving the targets of the SDGs.

Looking at Egypt’s development primarily through multilateral lens, the website showcases Egypt’s projects in partnership with other stakeholders, such as governments, international development partners, the private sector and civil society.

The SDGs map aims to enable policy decision makers, researchers, academicians and others interested in human development to easily track Egypt’s SDGs performance via innovative visualizations and data-driven stories.

To measure Egypt’s progress, the website uses two main interactive approaches to make it easier for audiences to digest: an interactive map and a stories section.

Interactive Map

Through an interactive map of Egypt, the website allows the user to track the progress and projects being implemented for each SDG goal; exploring each SDG individually to see the number of projects being implemented to achieve the targets of the goal.

There are currently 377 projects being implemented in partnership with various stakeholders in multiple sectors, with a cooperation portfolio worth a total of 25 billion dollars.

The second launch of the website will provide a much deeper outlook on the details of each project, from the start date to the end date and how much progress has been achieved. It will also allow users to identify the issues they are most passionate about and accordingly, see the progress being implemented in these priorities.

Inspiring Stories of Impact

Second, for each sector, examples of concrete projects through data-driven stories are provided as well; illustrating how Egypt is moving along global trends and development priorities for the next decade in key sectors such as agriculture, transport, energy, health, SMEs and gender equality.

Food security has gained increased significance today, particularly due to the increasing global challenges of delivering sufficient food to populations. In the ‘The Future Breadbasket’ page, the website looks at how Egypt is looking beyond just feeding communities, but also empowering communities and strengthening agriculture value chains into “smart farming” to achieve a circular economy.

As transportation is a prerequisite for Egypt’s social and economic development, the ‘Redefining Safe and Better Transportation’ page demonstrates how Egypt is promoting sustainable transport to improve people’s productivity by connecting them to jobs, schools and healthcare, and delivering goods and service to rural and urban communities.

There is also an entire page dedicated to the Sinai, showcasing how communities are being integrated in development projects and the Ministry’s current efforts to put sustainability at the heart of Sinai’s development.

Want to see how Egypt is tracking towards achieving the SDGs? Click here to visit the interactive website.

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