Watch: Visiting 65 Egyptian Pyramids in Just 12 Hours

Watch: Visiting 65 Egyptian Pyramids in Just 12 Hours

Photo courtesy of Seif Tamer.

We all know the three famous Giza Pyramids. They are among the ancient world’s Seven Wonders, and their towering silhouette is one of the most famous sights in Egypt and the world. But did you know that they are only three of 118 pyramids found across Egypt?

Egyptian vlogger Seif Tamer and five of his friends reached for the first known and extended list of Egypt’s pyramids, which was compiled by German Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsius, and set out to visit as many of them as they could between sunrise and sunset earlier this month.

“I just wanted to prove to people that they are not as deserted as [they might] think, so I said I would visit them in less than 12 hours,” Seif told Egyptian Streets. “The plan was actually to do it in 12 hours, but I found out that it doesn’t even require that much time.”

Image from Seif Tamer’s YouTube video recounting his trip visiting 65 Egyptian Pyramids in 12 hours.

Seif also told Egyptian Streets that the idea to take this trip came to him when he was in Upper Egypt and discovered Meidum Pyramid, which he had not even known existed. “When I saw that, I decided I wanted to search up how many pyramids there are in Egypt.”

The trip that brought Seif to Meidum was one he took with his friend Abdullah Shamy in 2019. The two hitchhiked their way across Egypt with no money to test and experience the kindness of Egyptians. With only one Egyptian Pound, a water bottle and three changes of clothes each, the pair headed out and documented their trip on Seif’s YouTube channel.

Seif was baffled by the unexpected level of generosity they have encountered during their first day of the trip. “[It] shocked me to my core. I think we forget how giving people can be and how a kind stranger can look after you without expecting anything in return.”

Check out the groups’ full adventure here on Seif’s YouTube channel (for English subtitles, visit the page and turn on CC):

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