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Al Maadi Used Books: A Book Lover’s Dream

Al Maadi Used Books: A Book Lover’s Dream

Photo credit: Mona Bassel

With narrow hallways showcasing seemingly endless rows of books and magazines, Al Maadi Used Books can easily be described as a world of possibilities for the avid reader.

Photo credit: Mona Bassel

The shop and its storage warehouse have accumulated an estimated 120-130 thousand books since its establishment in 2013. From children’s books and teen novels to academic books and non-fiction titles, the shop boasts a massive variety of publications in different languages.

Photo credit: Mona Bassel
Photo credit: Mona Bassel

Buying used books is not only cheaper, but also more sustainable – especially for book lovers who strive to be environmentally conscious in their purchases. In that context, Al Maadi Used Books offers its customers a rare perk where they can exchange their books for others equivalent in value. As I was browsing the cookbook section, a young couple approached the shop assistant with two large paper bags filled with books and requested to exchange them; I was filled with excitement knowing a new batch of unexplored titles would soon find its way to the shelves.

Photo credit: Mona Bassel

Since Al Maadi Used Books won’t take part in the Cairo Book Fair, it will instead offer customers gifts and discounts from 25 June to 25 July at both the shop and the storage warehouse, both of which are located on the same street.

The most important piece of advice for anyone visiting Al Maadi Used Books is not to shop in a hurry. The extensive collection has something for everyone, so take your time while browsing to truly explore what the wide array of titles has to offer.

Photo credit: Mona Bassel

The books can cost anywhere between EGP 5-200 depending on type and condition. Even though the giant collection may seem chaotic, it is organized both by type and title.

Al Maadi Used Books is located at 29 Road 9, Maadi, Cairo.

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