Take Egypt Home With These 5 Unique Souvenirs

Take Egypt Home With These 5 Unique Souvenirs


Thanks to attractions like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Luxor Temple, visiting Egypt is a common item on the bucket lists of adventurous travelers.

Naturally, a trip to such a culturally rich destination often requires bringing back souvenirs and mementos for friends and family, but it can be difficult to find items that are both travel-friendly and practical.

Instead of buying something that will end up taking up space in the closet or collecting dust in storage, why not purchase an item that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing? The souvenirs in this list are only some of the many unique and oftentimes whimsical items that can commemorate your trip to Umm Al Donia.

Evil Eye Coasters

These coasters will not only protect your wooden table from rings but will also protect you from the evil eye – according to Egyptian superstition, that is.

Small in size and therefore travel-friendly, these coasters would work with any style of home décor and are perfect for that one superstitious friend who checks whether Mercury is in retrograde every time they have a bad day.

Buy them for EGP 50-150 at TeePee Gallery in Maadi, Cairo.

Samiha Shawl


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Shawls are a perfect gift for any special woman in your life, and they are versatile enough to suit a woman of any age.

This particular shawl is unique in that it combines elements from Egypt’s countryside in a way that is both understated and elegant. It takes up virtually no space when folded so it won’t cause a problem when you’re packing for the trip home.

Buy it online for EGP 1,100 by visiting the Nevin Altmann website or Instagram page.

Miniature Coffee Chair


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A trip to Egypt cannot be complete with a visit to a local ahwa (coffee shop) for piping hot tea and good conversation.

Take the ahwa experience home with this miniature coffee chair, which is a quirky addition to any table or desk. If you decide to put it on your desk at work, be wary that it is quite the conversation starter, so be prepared to reminisce about your trip again and again.

Buy it online for EGP 350 by visiting the Cairopolitan website.

Vintage Movie Beach Mat


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Any appreciator of vintage items would love this ode to classic Egyptian movies from bygone times.

The bright colors along with the old-timey movie posters make this beach mat the perfect gift for friends who reminisce about the beauty of simpler times. Who knows? Maybe it will encourage them to dive into classic Egyptian movies so they can enjoy the works of stars like Souad Hosny and Abdel Halim Hafez.

Buy it for EGP 380 at Earth Gallery in Maadi, Cairo.

Sinai Blue Stars Pillowcase


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A statement pillowcase can make or break the atmosphere of a cozy living room, and these pillowcases are perfect for comfortable, brightly-colored living spaces.

Featuring traditional North Sinai embroidery, these pillowcases are inspired by the magical, historically rich environment of Sinai.

Buy it for EGP 365 at the Markaz website or Instagram page.

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