Egypt’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai: Legacy Empowering the Future

Egypt’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai: Legacy Empowering the Future

Photo via Opera News

Located just a few meters across from the UAE pavilion, with hieroglyphic letters inscribed on its walls, stands the three-storey Egypt pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Under the theme ‘Legacy Empowering the Future’, the 3,000 square meter pavilion represents Egypt as the land of rich history and unmissable investment opportunities.

Under the main theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, the expo is divided into three sub-themes, Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity. Egypt’s pavilion is located in the Opportunity district.

Upon entering the pavilion’s main entrance, one is greeted by a real ancient Egyptian coffin which belongs to the ancient Egyptian priest Psamtik, son of Pediosir, recently discovered in Egypt’s Saqqara. The colored wooden coffin was flown from Egypt and is currently displayed at the pavilion in Dubai for the very first time.

The ancient Egyptian coffin belonging to the Egyptian priest Psamtik, son of Pediosir, displayed at Expo 2020 Egypt pavilion
Photo via Mashable ME

Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, accompanied by the Ministers of Planning and Economic Development, Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, in addition to a few senior officials, visited the pavilion last Friday, 29 October.

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly at Expo 2020 Dubai
Photo via Daily News Egypt

During his visit, Madbouly applauded the UAE’s efforts to host the expo at a critical time when the world is fighting a pandemic, stating that it is a “pride for all Arabs”. Madbouly also commended Egypt’s prominent participation in the expo, highlighting that it reflects Egypt’s great civilisation, its blooming present, and its promising future.

The pavilion features a modern replica of King Tutankhamun’s golden mask, as well as other modern replicas of the king’s belongings and artifacts. Moreover, a temple wall of screens showcases some of Egypt’s major projects completed in the last few years, such as the Grand Egyptian Museum, the Suez Canal Economic Zone, The Robbiki City, among others.

A modern replica of King Tutankhamun’s golden mask inside the Egypt pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai
Photo via Curly Tales

One of the pavilion’s main attractions is the ‘Eye on Egypt’, which takes visitors on a journey through a digital telescope, showing them Egypt’s attractive tourist attractions including Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheikh, and Hurghada.

The six-month exhibition is expected to attract nearly 25 million visitors, with at least 2.5 million expected to visit Egypt’s pavilion.


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