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Introducing Egypt’s New Cultural Oasis: Hyatt Regency Cairo West

November 15, 2021

Like a solar boat in suspension, Hyatt Regency Cairo West sits elevated on the banks of the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. The solar boat metaphor is an accurate one, and is the main artery of the hotel’s appeal. Every careful detail is a nod to the age-old solar boat, first discovered in King Khufu’s burial pyramid. A boat which, interestingly enough, reached its final home earlier this August at the Grand Egyptian Museum – right across from where Hyatt Regency Cairo West now sits.

With a distinct Egyptian brand of modernity, the hotel is a bed for Egypt’s most promising form of hospitality. Opening October 2021, it promises to sweeten the stress of business tourism and recreate the most idyllic parts of Cairo – without the noise.

Hyatt Regency Cairo West’s wide-casted mashrabiyat and first-grade technology provide a meeting point for glass and wood, the historical and contemporary.

General Manager, Tarek Al-Masry, promises that Hyatt’s brand “isn’t only back, it’s back with a completely new F&B [food and beverage], dining, and accommodation experience. Cairo will see something that it has never seen before.”

Long gone are the years of modern cubist paintings hung in resort suites; Hyatt Regency Cairo West introduces a new love language which reunites Ancient Egypt with technology, and provides an elegant recreation of local culture and historical Egypt. Braided sail ropes and tapestry stations sit in the lobby, while the sleekest technology cups each suite. From floor-sensors embedded in each room to guide guests in the dark, to electronic mirrors in bathrooms which share date, time, and light, Hyatt Regency Cairo West is structured for convenience.

After disappearing for nearly a decade, the chain has returned with enviable, elegant form. Though isolated from Cairo’s crowded center, it is located in the cultural heart of the city, overlooking the Giza plateau and only 12 minutes from the Grand Egyptian Museum. Located in Pyramid Heights Business Park, the hotel sits 10 to 15 minutes from three of Egypt’s largest commercial malls (Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, Dandy Mall), and for ultimate convenience, only 20 minutes from the Sphinx International Airport.

“It’s a whole place designed after the Pharaohs’ solar boat. You’re supposed to feel it [subtly] wherever you glance,” explains Salma Baki (Marketing and Communications Executive).

Accommodation and Services

The ultra-modern, multilingual hub features all the trademarks of a five-star hotel, from limousine services, to in-room dining, 24-hour ATMs, and complimentary wireless internet. Its unique accommodation boasts 250 tech-savvy rooms, with 26 suites ranging from family and Regency Executive guestrooms, to the Presidential and Royal suites. Each unit has a unique view of either the Giza plateau, the geometric outdoor pool, or a stunning view of the city.

Contemporary rooms are equipped with instant espresso makers and classic kettles, tea boxes offering a variety of herbal alternatives, as well as traditional brews such as green and black tea. Everything is lined on a spacious countertop to accommodate a comfortable morning wakeup routine.

The most unmatched, however, are what Hyatt Regency Cairo West calls its Spa Rooms: the only rooms in Cairo built with an in-room couple’s jacuzzi, a sauna and massage bed, and a spa refreshment corner. The spacious rooms are the first of their kind, brimming with the hotel’s signature mix of warm wood and sleek technology, such as smart screens in every room (65-inch LCD screens), and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the pool and Giza Pyramids.

Health and Wellness

There is a continuous theme of complete relaxation within the space, and it extends down into the most intimate parts of Hyatt Regency Cairo West. Its health club and 24-hour StayFit Fitness Center introduce new considerations for privacy, tinted windows overlooking a fountain-grove. Past the health and fitness center, the spa comes into view: a wide, interlocking space inspired by elements of nature.

The spa lobby features everything from a sauna, several steam rooms and whirlpool facilities, to private massage rooms which can be booked for both couples and individuals alike. This attention to detail also includes an ice-room, where guests can cool off for their health and wellbeing after their spa experience.

“It’s a modern temple,” Baki said with her back to a relaxation room full of leisure beds, lined with bamboo. Her voice did not echo or disturb. “It’s a modern temple and I feel like a modern Pharaoh [royal].”

“We want personal[ized] hospitality,” said Baki. Guests “come here to relax” on their own terms.

A Temple of Gastronomy

While Baki may have described Hyatt Regency Cairo West as a “modern temple,” she was right in more ways than one; the hotel is a temple of gastronomy as well. The hotel prides itself on diverse high-dining, placing equal emphasis on its food facilities as it does on its hospitality. Presently, it competes with top dining destinations in West Cairo, and aims to position itself city-wide. Rounding its exterior, the hotel gives plenty of space for its venues and outdoor dining areas.

Though Egyptian history and culture are a staple of Hyatt Regency Cairo West, it is not the only experience on offer. The hotel has a total of six restaurants and bars, with eleven live-cooking stations at its European-inspired Park Food Hall. For those more likely to eat on the go, the reception features The Market, a place offering fresh, organic food along with a partnership with Starbucks for a convenient dark brew when needed.

Perhaps Hyatt Regency Cairo West’s most eccentric and exciting location is Barranco, a Nikkei cuisine restaurant that seamlessly integrates Peruvian and Japanese dining. Run by extraordinary international chefs and cheeky barmen, the spot is ideal for lovers of good food and great music.

Venues and Halls

Hyatt Regency Cairo West is, first and foremost, a hub of professional hospitality. It aims to deliver a streamline experience for its business-oriented guests, which includes seven meeting rooms where partners can touch ground in secure, private environments. Available within these rooms are an LCD-screen, HDMI capabilities and individual sockets for each member of the meeting. These facilities are complemented further by Hyatt’s Regency Club: an exclusive area for recurring guests and loyal Hyatt residents to network, dine, and work without distraction.

Though professionalism is a Hyatt benchmark, the hotel offers mega outdoor function areas which can be booked for events and memorable evenings, and entertain around 3,000 guests. One of a kind event halls include the Cwest Ballroom, a massive space which may accommodate upwards of 500 guests at a time, while maintaining the unparalleled views offered by Hyatt Regency Cairo West’s strategic location. The Cwest Ballroom also offers the latest in 360° projection technology to provide the most immersive, one of a kind moment for every event.

A more playful addition to Hyatt Regency Cairo West is its collaboration with the Mohamed Al Sagheer beauty salon, allowing guests to feel their best whenever – and wherever – they please.

Perfection and Professionalism – Localized

From little tokens of history to ultramodern vases, Hyatt Regency Cairo West has no desire to forge culture, but rather has used culture as its takeoff ground, promising a “timeless design” which recreates rural Egypt at its most modern. Openness is a common theme throughout Hyatt experience, with their bright suites in direct contrast with quiet hallways. Together, the atmospheric parallel is a complete experience – of the decks of a solar boat, and of Egypt itself.

“The simplicity of the space gives you a chance to create your own story here,” Baki explained, while experiencing Cairo at its best.

Find out more about Hyatt Regency Cairo West by visiting their Instagram page or website.

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