Over 30 Dogs Poisoned on Canadian International College Cairo Campus

Over 30 Dogs Poisoned on Canadian International College Cairo Campus

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On Thursday, 16 December, the Animal Protection Foundation (APF) posted on their official Instagram account that more than 30 dogs were poisoned at the Canadian International College’s (CIC) Cairo campus.

APF accused CIC of poisoning the dogs and that they purposely poisoned them at midnight so they wouldn’t be able to rescue them. APF also alleged that these dogs were neutered, making the poisoning a more serious accusation as neutering is already considered a way to control the number of stray dogs as they would not be able to reproduce.

*Neutering is a surgical procedure that is done to prevent animals from reproducing.


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A post shared by Animal Protection Foundation (

“They prevented us from going in for long periods until all the dogs ate from the poisoned food,” the post said.

However, CIC released a statement describing the incident as “horrific and completely against (their) values”.

“These dogs and cats have been taking our campus as a loving home for years, and they were never considered a source of discomfort,” the statement said.

Comments on this post questioned the veracity of their statement, but CIC replied that the incident is currently under investigation.

Egyptian Streets reached out to CIC for comment but received no response.

Unfortunately, many individuals and organisations in Egypt choose to poison stray dogs in fear that they may harm humans on the street. However, there have been multiple efforts in recent years to ease the lives of stray animals, through TNR (trap, neuter or spay) programs to control the stray animal population, donating to animal shelters, or spreading awareness on the benefits of adoption if someone wants to get a pet.

Check out our article on ways to help stray animals in Egypt to know more.

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