21 Photos That Defined Egypt in 2021

21 Photos That Defined Egypt in 2021

Every year, the Egyptian Streets team looks back at the year through photos. This year began with a flicker of hope that the pandemic will slowly come to an end, but it ended with more uncertainty. We cannot quite predict what could happen in 2022, but there’s a collective sentiment that despite anything, there will always be a story to remember, to keep, and to share.

Below are a collection of stories in 2021 we shared:

Nursing staff at a COVID-19 isolation hospital in Cairo having iftar and breaking their fast during Ramadan

Credit: Fadel Dawood (@fadeldawood on Instagram)

An Egyptian family watching the historic Pharaohs’ Golden Parade cross Malek El Saleh bridge in Cairo

Credit: Abdullah Ewies

Named as the ‘Hero of the Orchestra’, Radwa El-Behery stole the show at the Golden Parade


Um Mario, the star in “Feathers” the film that won the Grand Prize at Critics’ Week in Cannes

Credit: Ali Zaraay

Iconic Egyptian actress Soheir El-Bably passes away – her role as Mrs. Effat remains forever in our hearts

For the first time in years, Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, visited Egypt

Peter Nicholls/Reuters

Speaking of royals, Egypt’s Mohamed Salah pictured alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton

A feel-good story: young Egyptians praised for their heroic rescue from fire in Damanhour

“Forever Is Now”: Egypt’s first contemporary art exhibition at Giza Pyramids

Capturing the world’s attention: Egyptian table tennis player Ibrahim Hamadtou’s photo inspired the world for his grit and determination

Getty Images/Lucas Uebel

Our gold star: Feryal Abdelaziz wins Egypt’s first gold since 2004 and the first gold won by an Egyptian woman

Feryal Abdelaziz reacts after winning gold for Egypt – the country’s first gold since 2004 and the first gold won by an Egyptian woman. Credit: Ivan Alvarado / Reuters

Two cherished icons leave us: Samir Ghanem and Dalal Abdel Aziz

Egyptian student and researcher Patrick Zaki reunites with his family and friends after nearly two years in jail


The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization was inaugurated

Credit: Mohamed E Raai

Egypt’s former first lady Jehan Sadat passes away, and the first military funeral was held in Egypt for a former first lady

Hedaya Malak was the first woman in Egypt’s history to carry the flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and also won Egypt’s first medal!

A worldwide sensation: Ever Given ship blocking Suez Canal

Rural development gaining spotlight: Egypt’s Sisi Launches the ‘Decent Life’ Initiative in Aswan

Egypt reopened a 3,000-year-old Avenue of Sphinxes in a grand Luxor ceremony

Rare ‘snowfall’ in Egypt’s Alexandria marked the end of 2021

But, we also lost a huge icon, one that shaped Egypt’s feminist history: Nawal El Saadawi

Ataba Square: Cairo’s Famed Historical and Cultural Hub
Egypt's History of Burning Incense

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