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Film My Design Festival Returns for Its 2nd Edition in January 2022

Film My Design Festival Returns for Its 2nd Edition in January 2022

c. Film My Design Festival (2019)

The second edition of the avidly-awaited Film My Design (FMD) film festival has been scheduled to run from 27 January through 30 January 2022 at Zawya Cinema, located in Cinema Karim (15 Emad el-Din, Downtown Cairo).

Dovetailing the worlds of design and cinematography, FMD 2022 promises to unite creative professionals and enthusiasts from across the globe, sparking diverse dialogues through film screenings, talks of architecture and design, as well as crafts and urban life.

FMD 2022 is a programme developed to “convey creativity’s ability in bringing about promise, purpose, and change.”

With four focal points, the 2022 programme includes themes of: Emerging Local Talents, Egyptian Design Stories, Design Across Borders, and Design Film Conversations.

Each is a multi-faceted construction with its own targets.

Emerging Local Talents (ELT) targets “Egypt-based, aspiring designers and filmmakers, who wish to enhance their creative portfolio by receiving mentorship from established practitioners in the creative industry.” FMD invites them to collaborate with field veterans to collectively produce and showcase a design-film.

ELT will feature four diverse short films including: Amal by Rana Mubarak and Amal Salah, Fractal by Lab59 Architects, Marmar by Manar Abdelrahman and Hisham El Essawy, and The Reminiscence of Port-Said by Tibyan El Fateh and Mohamed Radwan.

Egyptian Design Stories (EDS) features the “untold stories of Egypt’s creative scene” with tapered attention to design, architecture, urbanism, and their collective relationship with local cultures. This part of the project is aimed at celebrating and reinvigorating fading traditions.

c. Film My Design Festival (2019)
c. Film My Design Festival (2019)

Some films to be featured under EDS include: Cairopolitan by Aly Soliman, Beyond the Factory series by Mada Masr, Neighbors by Tahani Rached, Sculpting in Time by Youssef Nasser, and The White Hell by Ahmed Assem, Mahmoud Khaled and Omar Shash.

Design Across Borders (DAB) takes a step back from Egypt and focuses on global creativity; the DAB programme aims to “enrich Egyptian knowledge of international design by showcasing the unique
work taking place across continents.”

FMD Cofounder Farah El-Rafei stated their efforts to “foster cross-cultural dialogue with prominent and well-established design communities across the globe.”

c. Film My Design Festival (2019)
c. Film My Design Festival

The final theme scheduled is the Design Film Conversations (DFC) programme. It includes a vast array of engaging dialogues and conversations to be led by some of the most prominent thought-leaders in the design and film scenes world-wide.

The line-up includes: Sarah T. Shannon (Founder and Lead Experiential Designer of THE CULT), Waleed Arafa (Founder and Principal of Dar Arafa Architecture), Yasmine El Dorghamy (Founder and Editor of Rawi Magazine), Dr Ebtissam Farid (Cofounder of ENCODE), Farida Temraz (Founder and Creative Director of Temraza), Marwa Abou Leila (Cofounder and Managing Partner of Photopia), and many others.

If interested in attending, please click here.

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