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‘I Bought Solar Eclipse Glasses’: Egyptians’ Most Regrettable Lockdown Purchases

February 14, 2022
Solar eclipse glasses Photo via Wellesley College

Mid-2020, after COVID-19 had spread across the whole world, people were still learning ways to keep themselves busy. With countries announcing full lockdown measures, while others imposed curfews, many were forced to stay at home for weeks. At a time of complete uncertainty, the assured arrival of a new parcel was something to look forward to, and while we couldn’t leave our houses, many resorted to online shopping as a form of stress relief and a way to pass time. Egyptian Streets asked its audience about their worst financial decisions, and the most useless purchases they made during lockdown. From sports equipment to self-care products, we guarantee that you’re going to relate to at least one of these answers, if not more. Omnia Medhat, 27, Content Creator, lives in Egypt “I bought magnetic lashes that had terrible reviews on their website, but, for some reason, I thought I’m going to be able to use them, at a time when I didn’t even go out because we were in lockdown. I also bought 12 candles, and I still buy candles every time there’s an offer, although I can’t even smell because…

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