Mamsha Ahl Misr: Egypt’s First Modern Walkway Overlooking the Nile

Mamsha Ahl Misr: Egypt’s First Modern Walkway Overlooking the Nile

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From local and international restaurants, cafés, and retail shops, to entertainment areas and parking spaces, Mamsha Ahl Misr (The Walkway of Egypt’s People) is a new ​​two-level promenade along the Nile Corniche, aiming to offer both locals and tourists an opportunity to enjoy the Nile upfront.

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The result of less than three years’ work of construction and reformation of the Nile Corniche, Mamsha Ahl Misr is set to combine having an enjoyable walk adjacent to the country’s oldest and most attractive landmark, the Nile, with an irresistible view and activities.

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According to the directives of Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the government is working on increasing green spaces, improving touristic elements in the Cairo Downtown area, and upgrading urban development.

Launched in 2019 under the supervision of Egypt’s Ministry of Housing’s New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), Mamsha Ahl Misr, which extends along Cairo and Giza with a total length of 54 kilometers, is set to boast 90 shops, restaurants, and cafés, as well as 300 booths for commercial and service activities, and is set to host sports events, such as marathons.

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Extending from the Imbaba Bridge to the 15 May Bridge, the first phase, which is planned to open on 18 March 2022, includes a 1.8 kilometers long upper walkway with a width of 4.5 meters and a 1.8 kilometers lower walkway with a width of 6.5 meters.

The inauguration of the first phase, which covers a total area of 7,066 square meters, will continue for three days. The celebration will include fireworks, and a performance by Arab and Egyptian artists on a one-of-a-kind state-of-the-art floating theater that can take up to 1,240 visitors.

The second and third phases of the Mamsha Ahl Masr Walkway project are still under construction, with no specific timelines announced thus far. The 3.2-kilometer-long second phase extends from Qasr Al-Nil Bridge to 6 of October Bridge, from 6 of October Bridge to 15 of May Bridge, and from Imbaba Bridge to Sahel Bridge.

Meanwhile, the 3-kilometer-long third phase extends from Tahya Misr Bridge to Sahel Bridge, and from Qasr Al-Nil Bridge to Meridian Bridge.

The project was developed by City Edge Developments and operated by Counsel Masters.

Follow their Instagram platform to watch the grand opening on Friday.

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