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In Photos: The Spectacular Beauty of the Colored Canyon in Sinai

In Photos: The Spectacular Beauty of the Colored Canyon in Sinai

Photo via Memphis Tours

Although Sinai is known for its mesmerizing beaches and entertaining water activities in both Dahab and Nuweiba, there is one underrated attraction that deserves attention by locals and tourists alike: the Colored Canyon.

Located 210 miles (322 kilometers) from Cairo, the Colored Canyon is one of Sinai’s most spectacular natural wonders: a maze of colorful rock formations with a depth of 30 meters and a length of 800 meters. Characterized by vibrance and silence, this destination derives its name from the multicolored layers of rocks.

With hues of yellow, orange, gold, and magenta, the unevenly structured Colored Canyon was created as a result of receding water from the Red Sea, and the erosion of water upon sandstone and limestone, millions of years ago.

Since it is a two-hour drive from Sharm El Sheikh, many tourism companies organize day tours for visitors to discover the beauty of the Sinai desert. Whether for a hike, a unique photo session, or an unforgettable walk away from the city, the Colored Canyon is a must for bucket lists and future travel plans.

Photo via Memphis Tours
Photo via Egypt Today
Photo via Amusing Planet
Photo via Cairo Top Tours
Photo via Dahab Safari Day Tours
Photo via Amusing Planet
Photo via Cairo Top Tours
Photo via Egypt Me

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