Al-Nayzak Beach: Egypt’s Scenic Treasure Tucked in Marsa Allam

Al-Nayzak Beach: Egypt’s Scenic Treasure Tucked in Marsa Allam

al-nayzak beach, Marsa Allam | image via CNN Arabic | Mohamed A. El Gendy

Turquoise in color and serene in atmosphere, al-Nayzak is a hidden treasure located short off the coastal town, Marsa Allam. The locals call it a shooting star, and for the rest of the world, al-Nayzak is a sight for sore eyes. The Ministry of Tourism has described it as, “the secret paradise on our planet.

Considered nature’s pool, al-Nayzak is made of a unique rock formation that is believed to have been shaped by a meteorite hitting the coast. Legends and tales about the place have made it a distinctive spot, intriguing tourists and locals alike.

“The beach is surrounded by land, and its connection with the sea keeps the water fresh, allowing sea creatures to live in as well,” explained traveler Mohamed al-Gondi to CNN.

Geologists have eradicated the meteorite legend, but the eye-shaped turquoise gem remains a Red Sea treasure.

image via Flickr
image via sada el balad

The lake covers a total area of 5,000 meters, and is characterized by its pure water, a degree of purity considered difficult to find anywhere else in the world. The lake’s depth also makes it an ideal spot for divers, especially during the winter months where the water is especially warm.

Marsa Allam is situated roughly 700 kilometers south of Cairo, and has become a tourist destination because of its waters that brim with marine life and pristine dive sites.

The beach is located 8 kilometers south of Marsa Allam, and approximately a 20 minute drive from Port Ghalib, the drive up to al-Nayzak beach is a scenic view of the sea waves that shimmer in pristine hide. Al-Nayzak visitors can also make their way to the Samdai Coral Reef Reserve, a place inhabited by dolphins.

Best to visit between the months of March and May, al-Nayzak is an escape from the hustle and bustle of Cairo – with its picturesque waters and mesmerizing scenery, the wings of nature are left untouched and the beauty of the beholder caught.

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