Singer Speaks Out After Reveal of Mass Burnings, Burials of Egyptian Soldiers in Israel

Singer Speaks Out After Reveal of Mass Burnings, Burials of Egyptian Soldiers in Israel

Egyptian singer Mohamed Fouad.

Renowned Egyptian singer Mohamed Fouad revealed on the talk show Al Hekaya with host Amr Adib that his brother had died during the 1967 war and his body never recovered. On the show, Fouad pleaded for a search to bring his brother’s body home so he could be buried beside him.

Fouad’s plea comes in light of the surfacing of previously classified details on an incident in the 1967 War, in which at least 20 Egyptian soldiers were burned alive and buried in an unmarked mass grave by soldiers from the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

Unmarked burials in times of war without the notification of the International Committee of the Red Cross are regarded as a breach of the fourth Geneva Convention regulating the laws of war.

“My life’s wish is to be buried next to my brother,” Fouad said in a phone interview with Adib. “My father suffered deeply after he heard the news that my brother did not return from the war. Till this day, I grieve for my father and mother, who were deeply hurt and affected by this tragedy.”

Fouad added that for 20 years, his parents searched all over Egypt in the hope of finding glints of hopeful news of their son’s location or burial.

“We place our hopes in President Sisi, who will surely do what is in the best interest of the country.

On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, President Sisi received a phone call from Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, who extended his greetings and added that Israel will carry out a transparent investigation of the 1967 war incident, and that it will continue to communicate and coordinate with the Egyptian authorities to uncover further details.

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