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Latif Wassily: How Memories Kept This Bakery Alive for Over A Century

August 17, 2022
Latif Wassily, Downtown, Cairo. Photo Credit: Salma Hamed

On the bustling Cairene street of Al-Mahdi, located in the El-Azbakeya district mere minutes away from Egypt’s Central Bank headquarters, lies the nostalgic sight of Latif Wassily’s bakery. Rumored to have been founded in the late 19th century, Wassily is considered by Egyptians from varying social classes as a living remnant of “the good old days.” In a bid to understand what brings them back, Egyptian Streets spoke with a few loyal customers. Childhood Memories: Family, School, and Everything in between Once near the brown-bricked wall of the well-beloved boulangerie, the sweet aroma of the freshly baked goods enraptures the senses. In the process, the bakery’s enthusiasts are swept back to their childhood, or what they call “a simpler time.” Some customers initially frequented Wassily for its unparalleled variety of products — at least at the time. From the warm, mild taste of an Egyptian eish fino (Fino bread – a soft oval bun) and the crunchy sound of a bo’somat (breadsticks) to the buttery feel of their French croissants, biscuits, and cookies, it seemed to them as though there is nothing this cozy shop could not offer. Maha Greiche,…

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