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In Photos: Walking Through Egyptian Streets Between 2002 and 2022

August 30, 2022

“You feel like everything has changed while still staying the same.” This was how Khaled Al Kammar, an Egyptian composer, described life in Egypt in 2002 in comparison to 2022. In the early 2000s, Egyptian megastar Amr Diab aired several television ads for Pepsi, capturing the hearts of teens, and Egyptian singer Ruby was on music channels in most Egyptian homes, with girls imitating her iconic stationary bike performance and their parents disapproving. The Egyptian public was witnessing an obvious transformation in the world of music. Out of sheer curiosity, Al Kammar, who has always been interested in the relationship and connection between culture and music, decided to contemplate his own teenage years, and explore what was happening on Egyptian streets in the early 2000s, to create such music at the time. “An irresistible wave of nostalgia has stormed our lives recently. So I thought about my own teenage years, especially since so much was happening. Life was just starting to change in Egypt with the internet and satellite television channels,” Al Kammar tells Egyptian Streets. Over the course of one year, Al Kammar collected pictures of Egypt and Egyptians…

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