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6 Pet-Friendly Restaurants and Cafés in Egypt

May 31, 2023
Photo Credit: The Dog Café Instagram

The domestication of animals is a practice that emerged with farming.

Between 8000 and 2500 BC, when individuals began settling in permanent encampments, the domestication of wild animals became more widespread.

While there are myriad reasons for the domestication of animals, the prevalent one today is companionship.

The most popular pets globally are dogs, which accounted for around 471 million pets in 2018, with cats coming second at 370 million.

It is believed that dogs are most likely to be the descendants of grey wolves, whereas domesticated cats are progenies of a breed of wild cats that originated in the Middle East, during the Neolithic period, and in Ancient Egypt.

The restaurant scene in Egypt is adapting to the growing popularity of pets as they shift their models to include products for pets. Or, at the very least, allow them to accompany their owners.

Here are six venues across Egypt that are pet-friendly.

The Dog Café

The Dog café is considered the first of its kind in Cairo as it caters to dogs as well as their owners.

Located in Sheikh Zayed, the café stands out because it offers specialty coffee and food for the owners and treats for the pets.

The venue boasts its own dog bakery where it makes dog-friendly cakes.


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A post shared by The Dog Café (@thedogcafe.eg)

The cakes are made with non-harmful ingredients for the guest’s canine companion.

Made using mashed potatoes and chicken topped with a layer of sugar-free whipped cream, they can either be ordered at the café in advance, or for delivery to celebrate the pet’s birthday.

Visit the Instagram page.

Pet Corner Café

Founded in 2018, Pet Corner Café sought to create a community where pet owners no longer need to bid farewell to their companions when going for a cup of coffee.

Finding a home in Alexandria’s Smouha neighbourhood, the venue offers dry food for furry friends.


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A post shared by Pets Corner (@pets_corner_cafe)

The café seeks to dispel some of the negative connotations surrounding animals in Egypt by providing a safe and welcoming space where guests can interact with their dogs.

Visit the Instagram page.


Zamalek is a dog-friendly neighbourhood with many of its residents owning pets themselves.

As such, there is a growing number of venues that are accessible for those looking to have a meal while taking their dogs (or cats) with them.


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A post shared by Holm Cafe (@holm_cafe)

While Holm may not offer pet treats, the coffee shop allows dogs and cats in their terrace.

Made up of a quaint outdoors area, and delicious treats for humans, it is perfect for a Saturday morning solo brunch with a book and a pet.

Visit the Instagram page to see Holm’s picturesque venue.

Ampersand Eatery

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of New Cairo’s streets, Ampersand is a secluded garden that offers a variety of delectable dishes. The menu finds a range of influences from Parisian to Thai cuisine.

Individuals are welcome to enjoy dinner in the company of their furry friends. There aren’t any treats for the pets, however.

Visit the Instagram page.


Founded by two sisters as an ode to their travels, Foufa’s offers a selection of artisanal options. The menu boasts a variety of dishes inspired by a selection of cuisines from around the world. The sisters themselves are dog lovers and welcome pets to the restaurant.


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A post shared by FOUFA’S (@alldayatfoufas)

Located in New Cairo, this spot is perfect for those looking to go on a culinary adventure in the company of their canine friend.

Visit the Instagram page.

Klakiart Space

Klakiart is a venue with a vintage atmosphere to it, as the photos of stars and starlets from Egypt’s golden age cover its walls. Located in downtown Cairo, the homey café welcomes pets and patrons alike.


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A post shared by Klakit Art Space (@klakitartspace)

It also has wifi for those wanting to get a head start on the work week.

Visit the Instagram page.

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