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Egyptian Youtuber Charged in Criminal Court After Public Prosecution Referral

June 6, 2023

Egypt’s Public Prosecution ordered the referral of Youtuber Heba El-Sayed to the Cairo Criminal Court over charges of human trafficking and child exploitation on 5 June, after she streamed a controversial video with her young children last month.

The prosecution also ordered the arrest of her son and husband, and charged them with helping and abiding El-Sayed’s actions.

El-Sayed’s son is accused of helping her by broadcasting her videos to increase viewership and generate profits, and her husband of assisting in managing the social media accounts and profiting from the views.

El-Sayed, otherwise known as ‘Umm Ziad w Heba’ (Ziad and Heba’s Mother) released a video early last month claiming that she walked in on her teenage son and daughter engaging in sexual activity.

The video, which featured El-Sayed sitting alongside her two teenage children, caused a wave of shock and outrage on social media channels.

The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) and several lawyers and children’s rights advocates filed official complaints against El-Sayed, which led to her arrest and ordered investigations.

The Public Prosecution strongly condemned the behavior and emphasized the importance of using social media responsibility and cautiously.

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