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5 Times Animated Films were Better in Egyptian Arabic than English

June 17, 2023

It is no secret that animated films seep into viewers’ emotions—their impact not bound by the age of the audience. The most successful animated films are often the ones made by the international production houses dominating the industry—such as Disney and Pixar Animation Studios—which have produced some of the most memorable films to both children and adults alike.

Yet, because most of these films are made in English, and the subtitles do not always do them justice, many studios have taken the responsibility of dubbing the English language into spoken Arabic to have them become more authentic in tone.

The dubbed films did not only make the films accessible to a wider audience in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, but they have also become widely loved and watched in Egyptian Arabic, rather than in the original English language—even for viewers who have no trouble understanding the original.

For many, the films in Egyptian Arabic are funnier, more relatable, and easy to understand. Although many films have been translated into formal Arabic, it is the spoken Arabic dub that has left a greater impact.

When Pixar’s famous Monsters, Inc.’s main character Mike Wazowski was translated into Mared Washweshny, dubbed by Egypt’s celebrated comedian Mohamed Henedy, it was evident that this film would become iconic.

Entertaining and funny, here are some fan-favorite films that have been dubbed from English to Arabic, shaping the childhoods of many in the region.






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