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Egypt’s Interior Ministry Denies Officer’s Involvement in Fatal New Cairo Runover

July 3, 2023
Image Credit: Xinhua

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) issued a statement on Sunday, 2 July, denying the involvement and responsibility of a police officer in the fatal runover in the Madinaty residential compound in Eastern Cairo.

The incident, the news of which has been widely circulating on social media, involved an unknown driver running over a pedestrian family of five. The crash resulted in the death of the mother and severe injuries to the father and three children.

Egyptian security forces have arrested the responsible individual after the Cairo Security Directorate received a report of the incident in one of the compounds in New Cairo.

The MOI’s statement denied the validity of claims on social media identifying the perpetrator as a police officer.

A team was rushed to the scene, and found that the mother, Basma Hasanein, who worked as a pharmacist died instantly due to a brain hemorrhage. The father, Hamdan Zaky, who works as a veterinarian, alongside his three children, aged 11, 10, and seven, was severely injured with various fractures and wounds.

The driver allegedly ran over the family after a verbal altercation between him and the father. The Public Prosecution has been ordered to investigate the incident and take the necessary legal measures, but they have yet to make a statement on the matter.

There are no further statements at this stage, this is a developing story.

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