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Here’s the Scoop: 5 Ice Cream Places to Beat the Egyptian Heat

July 8, 2023

When the sweltering heat dictates the summer season in Egypt — especially away from turquoise blue waters and cool air — a scoop of ice cream promises to decrease the temperature within.

A treat loved by many people, Cairo boasts a wide range of creameries full of different tastes, shapes, and sizes, for people to enjoy.

From Italian gelato to Japanese ice cream, here are some of the most dynamic places all over Egypt to try for new transcendental experiences and flavors.

Instead dof offering the traditional ice cream scoops, Mini Melts’ tiny little frozen drops of ice cream are Egypt’s newest delicious confection. The flash-frozen ice cream place offers a wide variety of flavors from classic to trendy twists.

Where to Find

Cairo: City Stars, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City.
North Coast: Hacienda bay, La Vista Bay, Almaza Bay, Telal, Amwaj, Diplomats Village 3, and Mountain View.


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Instantly recognizable for its fish shape, Taiyaki’s Japanese Ice Cream is the perfect treat to beat Cairo’s scorching heat. The concoction blends Japan’s traditional street food, taiyaki — which is cake usually shaped like a fish — with soft-serve ice cream. The taiyaki soft-serve fillings range from vanilla to matcha green tea, and more.

Where to Find

Cairo: The Park, Mall of Arabia, 6th October; City Hub, Nasr City; The Street, Cairo Festival City; Mamsha Ahl Misr, Nile Corniche; and Open Air Mall, Madinaty.


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For those who crave a healthy dessert, Yole’s natural ice cream offers gluten free and sugar free delights. Yole also has special vegan options that contain the necessary high protein and calcium ingredients — a heart-melting, dessert-redefining summer treat.

Where to Find it

Cairo: The Drive by The Waterway


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There is almost no ice cream lover in Egypt untouched by memories with Mega’s delicious frozen treats. Although it usually comes in small packages sold in supermarkets, the widely adored brand recently opened its concept shop where visitors can come and create their own preferred ice cream cones.

Where to Find

Cairo: District 5, Cairo-Sokhna highway


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Another popular Japanese dessert is mochi, which is made of chewy Japanese rice cakes wrapped around soft ice cream. MOISHÎ offers mochi in a variety of colors, flavors, and sizes — an irresistible pleasure.

Where to Find

Cairo: Cairo Festival City; City Stars; City Center Almaza; Arabella Plaza; Palm Hills, Street88, Arkan; Mall of Egypt; and The Field.


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For a true taste of Italy, Variegato specializes in artisanal gelato and sorbets — the way Italians do it. With simple and clean ingredients, Variegato promises one of the finest gelato and soft serve ice cream experiences in Egypt.

Where to Find

Cairo: Palm Hills; New Giza Sports Club; Square One

North Coast: Hacienda Red and White


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