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Egyptian Residents in Qena Test Positive for Dengue Virus

July 18, 2023
Credit: iStock

After launching an investigation into an unknown virus that has infected 67 people in Qena, the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed on Tuesday, 18 July, that residents of the village of El-Aliqat have tested positive for the dengue virus.

The Ministry of Health and Population affirms that all preventive and precautionary measures are being taken to fight disease vectors and stop their spread. So far, all cases of infection are minor and can be treated at home. No villagers in El-Aliqat have been reported to have died from dengue fever

The dengue virus (DENV), which infects people through a mosquito bite, causes the viral infection known as dengue.

In the same statement, the Ministry explained that a medical convoy was sent to conduct field tests and provide treatment soon after the news of the virus broke out.

The results of the investigations and samples revealed the presence of the mosquito that transmits dengue fever, and some blood samples tested positive for dengue fever, yet the Ministry did not specify if they were all positive.

Aside from collecting laboratory samples from those infected with the disease, wastewater and sewage sampling was also used. Mosquito larvae were also collected, and all of these samples were examined at the Ministry of Health and Population’s laboratories.

In light of the news of the virus in Egypt, health control and quarantine measures on flights from Egypt have been tightened in Russia, a statement from the Russian supervisory authority said.

What is the dengue virus? 

According to the World Health Organization, dengue (break-bone fever) is a viral infection that is transmitted from mosquitoes to humans, but cannot be transmitted from humans to humans. It is more commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions.

High temperature, headache, body aches, nausea, and rashes are the most typical symptoms. Most people will recover in one to two weeks, however some dengue patients become severely ill and require hospitalization. Dengue fever can be fatal in extreme circumstances.

There is currently no specific cure, but symptoms can be treated with pain medicine, such as paracetamol.