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Get Digging: 4 Beautiful Farms to Visit Across Egypt

July 31, 2023

Out beyond the city life’s tumult and the cacophonous sounds produced by its traffic, there are places of stillness and quietness to be found. On the outskirts of Cairo, the fields are green, the flowers in full bloom, and the fruits load the trees.

Where there are farms, there is tranquility — chances of reconnecting with what nature has to offer. Fortunately, Egypt boasts a wide range of farms that demand to be visited. For those who yearn for a unique escape from the busysness of the city life, these four farms — located across Egypt — will help visitors reconnect with the simple beauty of life.

Offering a wide variety of agritainment options , there are many rich activities to be done in these farms than just a mere sweet escape.

Al Sorat Farm

Al Sorat Farm – also known as Maryanne’s farm by frequent visitors – is a beautiful oasis located next to Sakkara Country Club. Founded in 2005 by Maryanne Stroud Gabbani, an American expat who has lived in Egypt for decades, the farm is a place where families and groups of friends can go to enjoy its stillness, learn about farming, and connect with nature.

Visitors to the farm can enjoy a wide range of activities, including fruit and vegetable picking as well as horseback riding.

Hazel Farm

Located an hour away from Cairo, on the Alexandria Desert Road, Hazel Farm is a place that promotes the concept of ‘agritainment’ which basically intertwines entertainment and farming together by attracting local residents to farm activities, inclduding planting, harvesting, and petting farm animals.

Both adults and children are able to enjoy a day well spent at Hazel Farm, engaging in a wide variety of activities and learning about the basics of farming and planting. Besides the learning opportunities, there is also a sunflower maze with different crops and treasure hunt harvests to embark on.

Shagie Farm

Built in 1985, Shagie Farms offer more than just breathtaking landscapes and one-of-a-kind vegetation. The farm is the first to introduce the idea of mango tourism, where it allowed — for the first time in Egypt — for visitors to come and pick the mangoes themselves. It is also where the Ismailia Mango Festival takes place.

Besides its mango harvest, Shagie Farms’ visitors can also enjoy playing with horses, and eating delicious homemade feteer.

Wiiwii’s Farm


Situated at the Alexandria Desert Road, WiiWii’s Farm is where people go to appreciate what earth has to offer — a green spot that cultivates strong relationships with the environment. Founded by Wael Basheer, WiiWii’s Farm is also a space open for communal gatherings and learning opportunities, as it hosts gardening and farming workshops; it offers volunteering opportunities as well.

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